Justin Trudeau – Who Went To & Was Paid By Elitist Private Schools – Tries Demonizing Leaders Who Went To Public Schools

The hypocrisy never ends.

The Trudeau Liberals are desperately slinging as much mud as possible, and their latest attack has been to try and demonize Andrew Scheer for a video in which he express support for letting parents make their own choices about their children’s education.

The Libs have also attacked Ontario Premier Doug Ford on the issue of education, accusing him of ‘cuts,’ despite education spending actually increasing in Canada’s largest province.

Yet, as Brian Lilley recently pointed out, while Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford both attended public schools, Justin Trudeau attended elitist private schools, and was even paid to teach at a private school in Vancouver:

“A man who went to an elite private school in Ottawa, Lycee Claudel, which follows a curriculum set by the government of France, and then transferred to Montreal’s private Brebeuf College is saying he knows how to protect public education.

Is that from his time as a teacher at Vancouver’s private West Point Grey Academy, where tuition runs at $23,490 a year for the high school kids Trudeau taught? That tuition level, by the way, is payable after parents already spend $300 just to apply and paid a $3,000 new student enrolment fee.”

Lilley is 100% right on here.

Trudeau’s hypocrisy is a disgrace. He’s the one who has profited from elitist private schools, he’s the one who went to elitist private schools, and yet he’s attacking and demonizing people who went to public schools?

What a joke.

Also, considering that children are supposed to belong to their parents, not the government, why should leaders be criticized for supporting school choice?

With the Liberals getting in the mud even before the election official starts, it’s becoming obvious that this campaign is going to be ugly.

Spencer Fernando

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robert abbott

Trudeau, Butts and all the other fools that are to blind to see how they are being used and abused is pretty sad. At the end of the day we Canadians will not forget all the corruption, treason and destruction of Canada on the world stage. The Liberals are validating their wrong doings that has been the Trudeau and bobbleheads way since day 1 in office and we Canadians will not forget because of your immature actions now. Trudeau and fools you are done like burnt toast.


Yes PM would like to control schools so that way he could brain wash children with his leftist ideas.Ithought he was a good man,but I think different now.

Brian Dougan

Trudeau as a “teacher.” The parents should ask for an after-the-fact refund.


There is a picture on the internet showing him sitting at a table with Gr. 1 kids,. They are trying to tech him how to connect Legos together. They likely gave up in frustration.

Moe S.

Camp counselor, nightclub bouncer, snowboard instructor, and supply teacher 1999-2001. Not only is he not qualified to be a teacher. He’s proven not to have the credentials or qualifications to be Prime Minister of Canada.

old white guy

Trudeau is an idiot. he is the perfect fit for Canada.

Lloyd Penner

The fact that we not only tolerate trudeau but put him there proves you are right.
We will likely do it again with at least a minority of the same make up as we have here in bc.
What self destructive, shallow thinkers we are.