Parliament Security Apologizes After Man Told To Remove “I Love Canadian Oil & Gas” Shirt

Personnel “misinterpreted a message” claims Parliamentary Protective Service.

Following reports that Canadian energy industry worker William Lacey was ordered to remove a shirt showing support for Canada’s oil & gas sector, the Parliamentary Protective Service is apologizing.

Reporter Mercedes Stephenson shared the news:

“The Parliamentary Protective Service is apologizing to a man after telling him he couldn’t wear his shirt on a tour of Parliament bc it “may offend some ppl.” He was given the choice of turning it inside out, or not continuing w the tour. He turned it inside out.”

“William Lacey was wearing a shirt that said “I ❤️🍁oil & gas” which the Parliamentary Protective Service guard deemed potentially offensive. There is a dress code which makes reference to political messages, not clear if the guard was misinterpreting that”

“In a statement to Global News the PPS says “the personnel misinterpreted a message on the visitor’s article of clothing. The staff involved will be receiving operational guidance and training with respect to visitors to the Hill.”‘

It’s good to see the PPS taking swift action and apologizing, at is outrageous that a shirt showing support for a key Canadian industry would be somehow seen as ‘offensive.’

The free expression rights of Canadians must be protected.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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We should all be thanking this man, for his letter and politely standing up for Canada/ Thank you William Lacey. I love Canadian oil and gas too.

peter black

anything that opposes this maniac government is against some rule. Communism is rampant.

pancake rachel corrie

canadians need to take back our parliament , this is insane …what happened to our freedoms?

old white guy

You voted them away.


I don t believe the PPS they are lairs The T shirt didn t fit the trudeau narrative


I don’t believe there was any misunderstanding. I call BS. They have taken their cues from Justin who lies all the time without thinking twice about it.

old white guy

An apology is not adequate. That level of stupid requires firing.