VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Says “False Information” Being Pushed On Supposed NDP Defections To Greens

Some of those who were supposedly leaving the NDP have in fact expressed their continued support for Singh.

There’s another twist in the earlier story of 14 New Brunswick New Democrats defecting to the Federal Green Party.

Some of the supposed defectors are saying they are still NDP supporters, and that their names are being falsely used in the wrong context.

In some cases, people have said they were signing up to promote a ‘merger’ of the two parties, but were not leaving the NDP at all.

The Greens have come under fire for potentially spreading false information, and for seemingly taking advantage of what was referred to by a defector as ‘concerns’ over Jagmeet Singh’s religion and background.

Now, Singh and the NDP are pushing back, with the NDP Leader saying the Greens must clear up the “false information.”

You can watch Singh’s remarks below:

“When asked about NDP members in N.B. joining Green Party, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says there is “false information” being presented, including number of defections, adds many things “need to be cleared up” and Green leader Elizabeth May must respond to those questions”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Is this something Butts invented or was it Trudeau’s idea? Sounds like something Butts and Telford would cook up after vaping too much Liberal weed.

We wake every day wondering how much lower the Liberals will go today, and they don’t disappoint.


I would not be suprised that those who ndp members that went to the greens are still loyal to ndp.
The only reason they went to greens is to take over another party.A lot of politicians these days do not care about party they belong to.All they care is to have power and rule Canada.If I had power ofcourse democraticaly I would not let anyone into the political arena until one has lived 2 generations in Canada and is totally intergrated into Canadian society.Now every Tom Dick and Harry can be a politician.


The Liberals, NDP and Green Parties are Socialist Parties. Canadians do NOT want Canada to become another Cuba or Venezuela. I hope that Canadians THINK Smart before even thinking of Voting for any of these Parties.