Hypocrisy: Senate Security Allowed Omar Khadr, But Tried Blocking Man With “I Love Canadian Oil & Gas” Shirt

Senator Denise Batters points out the stunning difference in treatment.

Following reports that Canadian energy industry member William Lacey was refused access to the Canadian Senate Gallery because of his supposedly ‘offensive’ “I love Canadian oil & gas shirt,” Conservative Senator Denise Batters is pointing out a stunning example of hypocrisy.

A tale of two #Alberta men:

June 2018: Convicted terrorist murderer #OmarKhadr allowed to watch senators debate from Senate public gallery.

Sept 2019: Tourist William Lacey refused entry to Senate Building wearing “I ❤️🇨🇦Oil & Gas” T-shirt during summer recess.”


It turns out, that in 2018, convicted terrorist Omar Khadr was welcomed to the Senate to watch a debate in the public gallery.

Security didn’t stop him.

Security didn’t block him.

Security didn’t ask him to leave.

But when it comes to a Canadian showing support for our Canadian energy industry, Senate Security tried to block him and told him to remove his shirt.

What a disgrace.

Senator Batters is right to be bringing up this hypocrisy, and the difference in treatment received by Khadr and Lacey it is part of a large pattern of how Canada’s increasingly out-of-touch institutions treat law-abiding Canadians like garbage, while rewarding those who have committed horrific acts.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter