STUNNING POLL: Majority Of Canadians Believe “Canada’s Society Is Broken”

And that number is rising under the Trudeau Liberals.

A new survey by Ipsos provided to Global News reveals a deepening sense of our society breaking down under the Trudeau Liberals.

According to the poll, 52% of Canadians say “Canada’s society is broken.” In 2016, 37% said the same, showing the number has grown dramatically during Trudeau’s time in power.

Just 19% don’t think society is broken, while 28% say they are ‘neutral’ on it.

As noted by Ipsos, “It is clear that the election will be fought amid a backdrop of fear, disappointment and discontent (which are reflected in the Trudeau government’s recent approval ratings), and the party leaders will be responding in their own way to either stoke or allay these feelings for their own purposes.”

That fact that the number has increased is an indictment of the Trudeau government. Trudeau promised ‘Sunny Ways’ and said he would bring Canadians together.

Instead, our society is breaking down and our country is more divided than ever before.

This will be a big election issue, as it fits in with the growing sense of it being tougher and tougher to get ahead, and a sense that our nation is coming apart at the seams.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The continuous deterioration of the brain damaged liberal mind is dragging the entire country down.

Agnes Wolters

We should seriously, as a nation, consider how many of God’s laws have been broken, for therein lies our main problem.

Major Tom

Broken……beyond repair…..Time to sell and leave the continent……


The LIEberals Sunni ways(only for them) of doom and gloom, the worlds ending in 2030 or twice as fast in Canada, if we don’t pay way more taxes and not afford to drive or heat our homes, buy food especially meat it is all for them only etc.. If you believe anything the ecco terrorist left says, you only have to smoke a lot of this governments expensive legal pot so you do not notice how fast your few years left on this planet are. Just get away from the lefts forced propaganda and bought out lying media, it is… Read more »


I would think that those numbers should be in the HIGH 80’s to 90’s for Pete’s sake.

Brian Stewart

down down down in a burning ring of fire

Matthew Kightley

Then why are the polls showing so much support for the Trudeau government?

Alan McNamara

The polls are run by the goverment

William Jones

“The majority of Canadians believe Canada’s society is broken.” Why is that such a surprise? THAT is precisely what he wanted to do, and did — just as daddy instructed him during his ‘learning years.’ THAT is the Trudeau way — intentional and with the backing of the U.N. Canada should immediately pull out of the U.N. and tell them ‘we are not interested as your guidance causes us unnecessary problems we do not need or want.’

Rodney Healey

Until J. T. Is kicked out of the House of Commens , the Liberals have lost all faith by Canadians populations. He has to go.

Rodney Healey

The truth has to told, or does it hurt the individual.

Lorraine Armstrong

Those of us on the western prairies NEVER voted Liberal, except those in Regina and Calgary. Hardly a ringing endorsement now, is it? I daresay after THIS brief foray, we will go back to fighting amongst ourselves, assuming we do not just vote to leave confederation, my personal preference


Would that be the 52% of Canadians that didn’t vote for liberals in the first place and our votes still didn’t matter… It’s sad that there is still 48% of Canadians who back the liberals or are ‘neutral’ with what he has done to our country.

Norbert Kausen

It is MORE than simply broken! It has been destroyed!!! The liberals and Trudeau in particular have USURPED everything that Canada stands for! Trudeau is a dictator, developing his totalitarian police state!