Andrew Scheer Fights Back After Liberals Make Fun Of Poor Canadians

The Liberals contempt for Canadians shows loud and clear.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is fighting back after the elitist Liberals made fun of poor Canadians by spreading the hashtag #ScheerWasSoPoorThat.

Among those spreading the hashtag was Liberal MP Gagan Sikand.

Scheer fought back on Twitter:

“Like millions of Canadians, I grew up middle class. When Trudeau’s Liberal MPs mock me for that, they mock you too.”

As I reported earlier, the Liberals are totally out-of-touch with their disgusting attack on middle class and poor Canadians, especially considering that Justin Trudeau is an entitled millionaire:

“Scheer’s upbringing contrasts dramatically with Justin Trudeau, who grew up in the halls of power and inherited over $1 million, in addition to inheriting a Mercedes valued at around $2 million.”

The elitist Liberals have contempt for real Canadians, and these attacks are a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook