Andrew Scheer Fights Back After Liberals Make Fun Of Poor Canadians

The Liberals contempt for Canadians shows loud and clear.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is fighting back after the elitist Liberals made fun of poor Canadians by spreading the hashtag #ScheerWasSoPoorThat.

Among those spreading the hashtag was Liberal MP Gagan Sikand.

Scheer fought back on Twitter:

“Like millions of Canadians, I grew up middle class. When Trudeau’s Liberal MPs mock me for that, they mock you too.”

As I reported earlier, the Liberals are totally out-of-touch with their disgusting attack on middle class and poor Canadians, especially considering that Justin Trudeau is an entitled millionaire:

“Scheer’s upbringing contrasts dramatically with Justin Trudeau, who grew up in the halls of power and inherited over $1 million, in addition to inheriting a Mercedes valued at around $2 million.”

The elitist Liberals have contempt for real Canadians, and these attacks are a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Margaret Smith

Yes I’ll share my thoughts. My Father was a coal miner with a wife and 8 children. None of theses so called Liberal Elites could hold a candle to my Father. We didn’t live in the lap of luxury but we got by. How dare anyone ever make fun of poor Canadians. The mere thought of a gov’t official let alone anyone else making fun of or commenting in a negative way about the less fortunate infuriates me. I guess when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth you think you have the right to belittle people.… Read more »


and this is exactly why Trudeau and his band of wanna be ‘s comments roll off my back like olive oil on noodles …when you are confident of your value, no need for PUT DOWNS AND IRONIC TIRADES, big cars and detestable socks …We know fully well who is worth zilch !!!

Walter Norman

My dad worked for Hussmann refrigeration in Brantford until he retired. He raised 7 kids and they had cows to give us milk and chickens to give us eggs. Along with a lot of other animals.

William Jones

Trudeau has yet to realize that there are times when keeping your mouth shut tight is better than offering an opinion, particularly an opinion that is socially unwarranted and belittling to the speaker.


They are HANDING it to him. Asinine!


This is going to be a serious rallying cry for anyone who’s had to worry about their next meal.


well he is King Tyrant of Canada therefore he views everybody else as his little people. Or rather as his subjects who are no better than sheep for the shearing.

Ruth Bard

And yet Atlantic Canada, the poorest region in the country, still overwhelmingly supports the Liberals. My brain hurts.