Bill Morneau Campaign Alters Sign After Backlash To Elitist Pose

As people said on Twitter, “nothing says working for the middle class like adjusting the cufflinks on your $5,000 suit.”

It seems the Bill Morneau re-election campaign has responded to the backlash over his elitist pose on a campaign sign.

After being spotted, the sign quickly spread on social media, with many commenting on the pose being taken by Morneau, as he adjusted his cufflinks and looked like a corporate CEO.

It was pointed out that the image being presented in the photo didn’t quite fit with the ‘helping the middle class’ narrative the Liberals are trying to push.

Here’s the original sign:

And here’s the change, with the cufflink photo covered up:

Of course, while Morneau’s campaign may cover up the sign, they can’t cover up the fact that Bill, Trudeau, and the Liberals are pushing an elitist agenda at the expense of working class and middle class Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Rick Newcombe

How fitting… another Liberal “cover up”.

William Jones

It is shamefully obvious, regardless of one’s political stripe, that the Liberals have absolutely no idea of what life ‘outside the money bubble’ is like and cannot resist the temptation to ‘rub it in,’ verbally or by physical demonstration.

Dale Evjen

Do NOT elect Bill Morneau !!!