ELECTION POLL: Conservatives 35, Liberals 34

Top parties locked in close race as campaign begins.

A new Leger Poll shows a tied race as the federal election begins.

Nationally, the Conservatives lead with 35%, narrowly ahead of the Liberals at 34%. The Greens and NDP are tied at 11%, with the PPC at 3%.

Here are the regional breakdowns:

BC – Conservatives 36%, Liberals 33%, NDP 15%, Greens 10%, PPC 4%

Alberta – Conservatives 60%, Liberals 14%, NDP 11%, Greens 8%, PPC 5%

MB/Sask – Conservatives 57%, Liberals 20%, NDP 10%, Greens 8%, PPC 2%

Ontario – Liberals 37%, Conservatives 31%, Greens 15%, NDP 15%, PPC 2%

Quebec – Liberals 37%, Conservatives 22%, Bloc 21%, Greens 10%, NDP 6%, PPC 5%

Atlantic – Liberals 53%, Conservatives 28%, NDP 9%, Greens 7%, PPC 5%

This shows a clear example of an West-East split, and makes it clear that the election will be closely fought across the country.

The Conservatives also face a challenge, as they are poised to win many seats in Alberta and Saskatchewan/Manitoba by massive margins, which could make their national numbers appear larger than the amount of seats they would get – if they narrowly lose close seats in battlegrounds like Ontario and BC, where the People’s Party vote could tip seats to the Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

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So the Laurentian elites set up Bernier in the right places, to hurt Conservatives, and Quebec wants another Quebec Laurentian elite running the country because their “own” gives Quebec the most power to continue exploiting the rest of Canada to their continued benefit (eg supporting Sync Lavalin/Bombardier etc. and their jobs, at the rest of Canada’s expense while the other many provinces are going deeper into debt and laughed at basically, just look at history if you can still find it). We have to wake up the rest of Canada to the real truth, especially Ontario and the east coast,… Read more »

Don Piche

Max Bernier & The PPC are not even remotely associated with The Trudeau Liberals – Why do you CONS insist on spreading Lies?!! This is essentially why Mr. Bernier left The CPC – they simply are just as bad as the LIBS now (they will say/do anything to assume power). Canadians know that there are essentially only the 2 main political parties to blame for our sad state of affairs to date. Harper & Trudeau are solely to blame for who signed Canadians onto the UN NWO Agenda dictates without first consulting Canadians – and ONLY Max Bernier & The… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Surely, Ontarians and east coasters aren’t just going to vote for Trudeau because he bribes them with their own money and promises to do more of the same if re elected. In a conversation between friends, when you are given proof that someone everyone knows, is a liar,unethical, fraud and has been proven not to be trusted with the truth , then you usually dump that person from your circle of friends. Yet when it carries the label of the Liberal party and Trudeau as its leader, everyone here in Ontario and the east coast seems to overlook the evidence… Read more »


The liberals are actually leading in Ontario? Have people lost their minds?


Why doesn’t Scheer ask Max to drop his party and welcome him back to the Conservative party, I know without this approach the liberals will win