Conservatives To Make Maternity Benefits Tax-Free, Saving Families Thousands Of Dollars

Announcement fits with Conservatives ‘affordability’ message.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says a Conservative government would make EI maternity benefits tax free.

Currently, the benefits are taxed, which dilutes the benefit they provide in terms of making life more affordable.

On Twitter, Scheer said making the benefits tax free is about helping “parents get ahead.”

“Having a child is an exciting milestone, but it comes with added costs. Parents are worried about the future. They are looking for help and Trudeau has proven he cannot be trusted to deliver it. We will make maternity benefits tax-free to help parents get ahead.”

The policy fits with the overall Conservative campaign message, which is to focus on making life more affordable for Canadians.

The Conservatives also pointed out that 80% of Canadian families are paying higher taxes under the Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter