FLASH POLL: Andrew Scheer Wins First Leaders Debate

Early response online is good news for Conservative Party as Trudeau chickens out of debate and Scheer performs well.

The early results are in following the first Leaders debate, and it’s good news for the Conservative Leader.

A flash poll on Twitter shows Scheer being overwhelmingly declared the winner of the first leaders debate:

Who is winning the first leaders debate?

4% Jagmeet Singh

4% Elizabeth May

92% Andrew Scheer


1,000 people voted in the Twitter poll.

Scheer is also getting good marks (as of this being written), in polls shared by Macleans – who hosted the first debate.

In matchups between Scheer and Singh, and Scheer and May, Scheer was voted the winner in both:

You may not be able to see the results of the Macleans poll until you vote. Currently, Scheer leads Singh 58-42 when asked about how they performed on the question of steel jobs, and Scheer leads May on the question of China policy 65-35.

We can expect further surveys soon, but this is a good start for Scheer, and a sign that many approved of his performance in his first debate as a party leader.

If you missed it, you can watch the full debate below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube