Liberal Government Spending $300,000 To ‘Study’ Elimination Of Fossil Fuels In Canada

Saskatchewan Premier slams Liberals for divisive policies.

The Trudeau Liberals are being slammed by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.

On Twitter, Moe ripped the Liberals for spending $300,000 taxpayer dollars on a study to “eliminate the use of fossil fuels in Canada.”

“While the Prime Minister says it’s his job to stand up for Canadian jobs, his government is requesting a $300,000 study on eliminating the use of fossil fuels in Canada. These are the divisive policies that Canadians must soundly reject.”

The hypocrisy and divisiveness of the Trudeau government is a big part of the reason many Canadians believe that national unity is at stake in this election, and why our country could be at increasing risk of breaking up if the Liberals maintain power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And just so where does the Liberal Moron Trudeau think he is going to find a replacement for the millions of dollars he steals in fossil fuel tax.

Don Taylor

Those dimwitted liberals can be damn sure that any sane person will NOT be voting Lieberal


They won’t be happy until they take us back to the 19th century.

old white guy

We cannot now or ever eliminate fossil fuels. Those who wish to starve and freeze may stop at their own peril but not if it puts me and mine in peril. These idiots must realize that their pie in the sky wind turbines and solar panels will never be able to fill the gap and add to that the fact, FACT, that they cannot even be produced without fossil fuels. The stupid in this world is expanding.

Malcolm Dutchak

liberals say one thing to the oil/gas industry then do the opposite and again do things to hurt the industry, real pray they are voted out this election

Brian Dougan

Hmmm. Maybe the candle makers/kerosene lamp lobby is behind this ill begotten scheme. They’ve teamed up with bicycle manufacturers.




How about spending $50 to eliminate stupid politicians? Such a deal.