Media Bus Runs Into Liberal Campaign Plane, Causes Damage (Photos, Video)

Nightmare start to Liberal campaign continues.

The Liberal campaign is already got off to a brutal start, with two bombshell stories on the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal pushing ethics back to the top of the headlines.

And it’s gotten worse for the Liberals.

The media bus ran into their campaign plane.

As reported by Mercedes Stephenson who is on the media bus travelling with the Liberal campaign, the bus slammed into the wing:

“#breaking the Liberal media bus just hit the wing of the campaign plane #elxn43 #cdnpoli”

“Media were on the bus leaving the airport when we heard a loud rolling/scraping noise. Looked up and saw the plane’s wing and realized we had gone under it and the sound was the roof of the bus grinding against the wing of the plane #cdnpoli #elxn43”

“There is visible damage to the wing of the plane which appears dented”

Stephenson shared a photo and video of the incident:

“Here is some video from the accident where the Liberal media bus struck the wing of the campaign plane #cdnpoli #elxn43”

The plane has taken damage:

“Now the Liberal media bus is leaving. Maybe our bus driver should have chosen backward, not forward. Don’t know what this means for our schedule tomorrow. But that wing took a good scrape and is dented. Not sure they’ll want to put the PM back on it.”

While we want to see the Liberals defeated, nobody wants to see anyone hurt or put in an unsafe situation. Hopefully any issues with the plane are fixed up, and we can go back to slamming the Liberals for their ethical scandals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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False flag event. Liberals trying to change the narrative or ground the press. Wait for next announcement but pretty sure Trudeau will blame Stephen Harper.

Thomas Tass

Air Transat which leased the Boeing 737 to the Liberals will not be happy. Conservative leased an Airbus A319 from Air Canada.


Glad no one was hurt, seriously. Is this a Lieberal campaign paid for bus and plane or was this paid for by taxpayers and was it insured (thinking Bombardier, was this their contribution to the lieberal campaign? so tax payers expense) I just do not trust these elites, as they use Canada, not protect it. Sorry but maybe some one needs to follow the money trail here too, as they are so unethical, along with their UNIFOR type media support. Wow that I do not trust them that much, and I feel badly for that, But this was Canada and… Read more »


Was HARPER on the bus? Surely Trudeau can blame him for this…lol


Apparently the bus driver took literally the slogan painted on the plane…CHOOSE FORWARD.


Leo and it was the left wing after all.


Tonda, more accurately Trudeau is no longer the PM but is now simply the current leader of the Liberal Party. I imagine most Caucus members are decent people, but the Trudeau image and his history are dragging them down. They should be suing him for defamation.