VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Pledges To Build New Hospital, But That’s Provincial Jurisdiction

Making a promise that can’t be kept.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says an NDP government would get a new local hospital built in Brampton, Ontario.

Except, that’s not a promise he can actually make, or even keep.

That’s because healthcare is a provincial jurisdiction.

The federal government can give the provinces money, and can partner up on the cost of projects, but cannot direct the construction of a local hospital, since that decision is made provincially.

You can watch Singh’s remarks below:

“In Brampton, Ont., NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh commits to getting new local hospital built, says it’s provincial jurisdiction but party can’t stand by when Conservatives don’t see importance of investing in health-care, and Liberals have neglected responsibilities”

Singh is likely counting on few people actually fact-checking his remarks, making it seem like he can deliver on something that he simply cannot, even in the improbable circumstance in which the NDP wins.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Aaron Barrett

FYI, the hospital has already been planned, he’s lying.


Oh boy NDP “Ray days” back to Ontario, and Ray went on to be a federal lieberal!!! Remember your history, as we lose it, you should study it, if it is still available and not changed yet.

William Jones

“Making a promise that can’t be kept.” What’s new? He has two strikes against him before he opens his mouth. One, he is a lawyer (liars by intent) and, second, he is a politician (liars by intent), so anything and everything he says has the built-in potential of being a lie.

Iraj Gardner

Huge blunder by Singh, not just because hospitals are under provincial jurisdiction. Most of the remarks I’m seeing on social media are angry references to the fact that Brampton is his home town (pork barreling) and that Singh only wants to represent members of his own race by building a hospital for them alone. I even found similar remarks made by his fellow Sikhs. Many people view Brampton as a virtual South Asian ethnostate. Even though those things are probably not true, the whole thing leaves a very bad impression on voters.

Chaz Martel

I predict the only thing that Singh will be building after this election is a new career.