WATCH LIVE: First Leaders Debate As Scheer, Singh, May, & Trudeau’s Empty Podium Face Off

Justin Trudeau was too cowardly to attend the debate.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May are facing off in the first Canadian Federal Leaders Debate.

Credit to Scheer, Singh, and May for having the guts to attend and share their vision with Canadians.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau was too cowardly to attend.

You can watch the debate live below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Don Piche

What – no cardboard cutout of J.T., complete with pull-cord & the requisite standard Lieberal “talking points” to stand-in for him?!!

Dale Evjen

Brilliant! Don Just Brilliant !!


This ‘debate” is so horrid I can’t even watch it all. May and Singh are trying to out crazy each other. And at least twice Singh brought up “woman’s right to choose” and LGBTQ when that wasn’t even the topic.

I am so embarrassed to say May is my MP. She sounds completely unhinged. We need to get rid of all fossil fuels in a few years Liz? What is your plan, go back to the horse and buggy days?

Irene Lariviere

How is it that the ‘moderator’ speaks on behalf and ‘stands up’ for Justin Trudeau? What the heck is with media in this country, are they all so afraid of TRUTH??


Jagmeet and May out to lunch as par usual. Jagmeet should remember that they Andrea Horwath and the NDP gave in time after time after time to McGuilty/WynneGATE on their budgets. 50% NDP is to blame for the state of ONTARI-OWE….They aided and abetted the Lie-beral Criminal Regime for 15 years.

Sky Stotski

Personally, I do not trust the NDP, the Liberals and the Greens, the sound like socialists ,,, no thanks, always blaming Harper… Scheer all the way ….all talk with NDP and Greens, and Liberals and lies

Sky Stotski

Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time… come to Manitoba, it is cold here in the winter -45 to -50 c. our summer was hot but no hotter than any other year…

Sky Stotski

oh my God Trump doesnt encourage people to shoot people, what the hell…..may is very so much uninformed, she has dereanged Trump Syndrome, listening to CNN is she

Elizabeth Thorne

Where was Max Bernier—He is a leader of a political party in Canada? Why are the other parties not defending his right to debate? Is he that much of a threat to them? This may backfire big time. I have voted Conservative most of my adult life, however after researching all the leader’ s views, I will vote PPC. Please Canadians, think long and hard before casting your vote—This election could mean the rise or fall of Canada as a free country.