Andrew Scheer Is Correct: Illegal Border Crossers Push Legitimate Refugees To The Back Of The Line

Someone waiting in a refugee camp in Syria has a legitimate fear for their life. Someone crossing from the United States of America does not.

The elites are attacking Andrew Scheer for this comment during the first leaders debate:

“Andrew Scheer says refugees suffering in camps shouldn’t be bumped by asylum seekers at the border. Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh slam the Tory view.”

Scheer is supposedly being ‘fact-checked’ on the remarks, with elites trying to claim that he is incorrect.

However, in reality, Scheer is telling the truth.

The fact is that Canada has a limited number of refugees that are admitted every year. Among the reasons for the limit is that only so many applications can be reviewed in on year.

So, when people cross illegally from the United States, yet are allowed to stay in the country and make asylum claims, that means those spots are taken, and means people in places like Syrian refugee camps will have to wait longer for a chance to seek asylum in Canada.

Nobody can argue with that, because it is the truth.

As a result, it’s undeniable that every illegal border crossing from the United States pushes other asylum seekers and real refugees to the back of the line.

There is simply no comparison to someone fleeing the United States – a democratic country with the rule of law – and someone who is fleeing a brutal war zone. By conflating the two, the elites are making fools of themselves.

On the issue of refugees and illegal border crossings, Andrew Scheer is correct, and the elites are dead wrong.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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