Andrew Scheer Is Correct: Illegal Border Crossers Push Legitimate Refugees To The Back Of The Line

Someone waiting in a refugee camp in Syria has a legitimate fear for their life. Someone crossing from the United States of America does not.

The elites are attacking Andrew Scheer for this comment during the first leaders debate:

“Andrew Scheer says refugees suffering in camps shouldn’t be bumped by asylum seekers at the border. Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh slam the Tory view.”

Scheer is supposedly being ‘fact-checked’ on the remarks, with elites trying to claim that he is incorrect.

However, in reality, Scheer is telling the truth.

The fact is that Canada has a limited number of refugees that are admitted every year. Among the reasons for the limit is that only so many applications can be reviewed in on year.

So, when people cross illegally from the United States, yet are allowed to stay in the country and make asylum claims, that means those spots are taken, and means people in places like Syrian refugee camps will have to wait longer for a chance to seek asylum in Canada.

Nobody can argue with that, because it is the truth.

As a result, it’s undeniable that every illegal border crossing from the United States pushes other asylum seekers and real refugees to the back of the line.

There is simply no comparison to someone fleeing the United States – a democratic country with the rule of law – and someone who is fleeing a brutal war zone. By conflating the two, the elites are making fools of themselves.

On the issue of refugees and illegal border crossings, Andrew Scheer is correct, and the elites are dead wrong.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Too Bad Spencer there were more Journalist’s like you to Fact check.


The term ” Elites ” is an inappropriate term to call these criminals in power in Ottawa. There is nothing elite I see in these people.


I find strange that gov of other nation don’t know the abundance of their people are leaving to come to canada.
Real refugee fleeing from their country do not broadcast their whereabout nor will walk in the same path as others illegals who are known or sent by their gov.

Shawn Harris

It’s disgusting to see the Trudeau Liberals using refugees to both showcase their sanctimonious self righteousness and deceitful fake virtuousness, and as a means to be re elected. This whole issue was created by Trudeau and now that the truth is out about Trudeau’s real reasons for bringing them, to Canada, he doesn’t want to take full responsibility for having created this mess, of pushing real and genuine immigrants to the back of the line. Trudeau really , only wanted to stack the voting deck in his favour, permanently; by increasing the numbers of eligible voters, willing to vote Liberal… Read more »


Trudeau intentionally lowered the standards for citizenship, voters and migrants. They will be showing their appreciation.This is one thing that is seriously wrong with our Parliamentary system. Trudeau’s majority turns him into a tyrannical dictator. No wonder he wants to confiscate firearms.


Liz and Jag fail to realize that the majority of us agree with Mr. Scheer on this one…..

old white guy

What majority? It has been my experience that most Canadians don’t give a damn and that is why 60% plus vote for those who will do absolutely nothing to curb either legal or illegal immigration.


Trudeau was elected by Soros through Obama’s election machine and has modelled his actions on Obama. He WILL be out of office in just over a month and perhaps we can clean up this liberal biased mess and get Canada back in order.