“NIGHTMARE”: Cameron Ortis Allegations Could Be Worst National Security Breach In Canadian History

A stunning amount of classified information may have been leaked.

Global News reporter Mercedes Stephenson has been sharing more details of the allegations against Cameron Otis, a Senior RCMP Intelligence Director who is facing multiple charges.

As noted by Stephenson, the allegations, if true, appear to be a horrific and truly unprecedented national security breach, what some are calling a “nightmare” scenario.

Here’s what Stephenson tweeted:

“About to go live with the details of what many sources are telling me is the biggest national security breach the country has seen, if what police allege is true about Cameron Ortis, a senior civilian member of the RCMP and the implications for our allies”

“For years sources have told me they believed there was a mole in the national security establishment, and specifically the RCMP. Today sources are wondering if they have found that person”

Stephenson then noted the seriousness of these allegations:

“Multiple sources say they believe the allegations against Ortis are the nightmare national security scenario leak wise. Ortis had access to the most highly classified information in the government and with allies through the Five Eyes and NATO”

“Ortis had access to the following information: identities of undercover Canadian police and undercover Canadian agents operating domestically and abroad. There is now serious concern about whether any of those identities are compromised”

“Ortis had access to RCMP high level ops plans including national security, intl operations and criminal operations. Source says the information he had was so highly classified the investigators who seized it didn’t have the security clearance to look at it”

“Source say Canadian and international operations may have to be paused until they can figure out what if anything was compromised by Ortis given his access”

“Global News has learned investigators believe Ortis was gearing up to sell information at the time of his arrest. I don’t know the nature of that intelligence.”

“While Ortis has been charged with violating the secrets act back in 2015, the investigation has only been going on for months, I’m hearing around 6-7 months”

“Files Ortis would have had access to range from drug cartels, to Russia, to China, to cyber threats and terrorism”

This is incredibly disturbing, and could have seriously negative implications for our relations with our allies, not to mention how it will demolish any remaining trust some Canadians may have had in the machinery of government:

“The Government: “You can trust us with your information. We are competent.”

Also the Government: “The national police force may have been horrifically compromised by a spy and our top secret national security information and our allies secret information leaked to our enemies.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And it all happened under a liberal rule. Coincidence?


It is easy to pile on given the incompetence of current leadership. The values of the post nation state and its consequences are now on full display.

Brian Dougan

Probably hand picked by Trudope.


Is this why Trudeau will not let the RCMP investigate his corruption?
This is bad, but then Canada has never been very careful or very serious about security, how many breaches have there been with CSIS or with the leadership in the RCMP in the past as used to be, or our military for that matter and these things are very serious.


Your question is rhetorical! Why would the Liberal cabal want to commit political suicide just as they are conning the voters into believing that they are doing everyone a great service

Eric Blair

I love how this story broke just as Trudeau was having trouble again with the SNC problem and his refusal in letting the RCMP investigate his PMO. This Ortis fellow was charged with violating the official secrets act back in 2015 and now he is a big threat!! Would he not have been banned from seeing anything secret back then? And all this comes out now… when Trudeau is having his own troubles with obstruction of justice… what a coincidence. I remember from the 1980’s book Spycatcher by Peter Wright in which the author states that in the spy business… Read more »


agreed, Eric. There are no coincidences.


This would be Ralph Goodale’s portfolio ? He’s been retired on the job for about 4 years now. I hope Saskatchewan voters will finally put him out to pasture.


His department is a shambles with incompetent leadership brought in since 2015. The status of Canada within the 5 eyes group have sunk to unclassified access levels.

pancake rachel corrie

this is what multiculturalism is all about


What has happened in India is a prime example how our government officials are so flypant,and irresponsible.Huawei is also an indication where foreign power share information with us. How convenient.


Now is the time Canada needs a real leader. Dancing and selfies just don’t do it. We will quickly become isolated. Here comes a recession?

old white guy

Why would any country trust Canada with information that could comprise their internal security, Canada has zero security when it comes to immigration and illegal aliens. They do however look at citizens who are law abiding as if we were criminals.


Ahhhh, good ole Canuckistan lol. We’re from the government and we’re here to help – ahahahaha. Does anybody still seriously trust any government anywhere? I woke up a few years ago, not that I’m able to do much myself but maybe, just maybe, if there are enough people we can affect real change?

Shawn Harris

This whole situation involving the RCMP and Cameron Ortis, demands an answer to, of who is watching whom in our government, for this devastating leak of sensitive informative, to have gone on for so long?. And while Trudeau is preening for votes, we are left wondering just who can we trust. Trudeau lies all the time, Ralph Goodale our national security minister is missing in action on this file and hasn’t surfaced yet to explain anything or reassure us that we are safe from our enemies. And what does this say about trusting the RCMP to be capable of investigating… Read more »


I am absolutely disgusted that the RCMP and CSIS are suspending investigations into the corruption of Trudeau and his Liberals because there is a campaign and upcoming election. I thought at first that it was some sort of fake news, that it was a joke.

It gives us the impression they are following the commands of Butts and Trudeau and the rest of the PMO Hate Canada squad. Should this pandering to Trudeau and Butts continue, the RCMP will lose respect and even cooperation of most Canadians.

William Jones

Surely this latest fiasco by this government cannot come as a surprise to any thinking person. You cannot have a government with a kindergarten mentality managing serious work, such as running a country with any degree of necessary competence. This is what happens when you put the school in the hands of the children.


Since when does the corrupt trudope have power over Canadian law.Should corrupt politicians be able to run for office while under investigation with very convincing evidence? I can’t believe the election is tied with most provinces being conservative.Will the Q and Ont decide the winner as usual with the west having not much say?Will Canada pull together to end the reign of socialism sweeping Canada with the promise of free,free,free that intices the inept,indoctrinated and the big eastern cities of illegals?Canadian law abiding citizens have to demand that trudope is prosecuted for the crimes perpetrated on the innocent tax paying… Read more »


Where’s the freedom of speech in Canada.Every law abiding citizens should fight against the evil socialist policies of trudope and all libtards that believe socialism will make this country better.Do you really want the government with boy wonder trudope at the helm selling out everything you worked for.The libtards hate the truth about taking your free speech away.Just ask one?Libtards believe that with open borders the incoming will vote for socialism and will be able to hold power until the other people’s money runs out and Venezuela is Canada.Venezuela an oil rich country now is a full blown socialist country… Read more »

William Jones

I would most strongly suggest that the word “Allegations” is the key to this report. It would appear to a very suspicious mind that this ‘event’ is being publicized at an opportune moment in time to favour the Liberal Party of Canada and Justin Trudeau in particular. Why? Because whatever has been happening, has been happening for a considerable time and has been known of for an equally considerable amount of time. That it should ‘suddenly’ become news at this particular time raises the question of whether or not it is a ploy to divert attention away from the negative… Read more »

William Jones

This whole thing stinks — not the facts, but the timing. With anything of this magnitude, it goes back in time to when he was first suspected, then targeted in order to assess just what he was doing — then, as time passed, information was gathered and amassed in order to ensure an air-tight case. To have it ‘suddenly’ become public knowledge at this moment in time smells like another ‘incident to attract attention away from the fiasco of the Liberal Party. Personally, that is the way I see it.