“NIGHTMARE”: Cameron Ortis Allegations Could Be Worst National Security Breach In Canadian History

A stunning amount of classified information may have been leaked.

Global News reporter Mercedes Stephenson has been sharing more details of the allegations against Cameron Otis, a Senior RCMP Intelligence Director who is facing multiple charges.

As noted by Stephenson, the allegations, if true, appear to be a horrific and truly unprecedented national security breach, what some are calling a “nightmare” scenario.

Here’s what Stephenson tweeted:

“About to go live with the details of what many sources are telling me is the biggest national security breach the country has seen, if what police allege is true about Cameron Ortis, a senior civilian member of the RCMP and the implications for our allies”

“For years sources have told me they believed there was a mole in the national security establishment, and specifically the RCMP. Today sources are wondering if they have found that person”

Stephenson then noted the seriousness of these allegations:

“Multiple sources say they believe the allegations against Ortis are the nightmare national security scenario leak wise. Ortis had access to the most highly classified information in the government and with allies through the Five Eyes and NATO”

“Ortis had access to the following information: identities of undercover Canadian police and undercover Canadian agents operating domestically and abroad. There is now serious concern about whether any of those identities are compromised”

“Ortis had access to RCMP high level ops plans including national security, intl operations and criminal operations. Source says the information he had was so highly classified the investigators who seized it didn’t have the security clearance to look at it”

“Source say Canadian and international operations may have to be paused until they can figure out what if anything was compromised by Ortis given his access”

“Global News has learned investigators believe Ortis was gearing up to sell information at the time of his arrest. I don’t know the nature of that intelligence.”

“While Ortis has been charged with violating the secrets act back in 2015, the investigation has only been going on for months, I’m hearing around 6-7 months”

“Files Ortis would have had access to range from drug cartels, to Russia, to China, to cyber threats and terrorism”

This is incredibly disturbing, and could have seriously negative implications for our relations with our allies, not to mention how it will demolish any remaining trust some Canadians may have had in the machinery of government:

“The Government: “You can trust us with your information. We are competent.”

Also the Government: “The national police force may have been horrifically compromised by a spy and our top secret national security information and our allies secret information leaked to our enemies.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube