ANALYSIS: Scheer’s Universal Tax Cut Far Better For Middle Class Than Trudeau’s Tax Changes

Turns out Trudeau’s “middle class” tax cut didn’t help the middle class much at all.

An analysis of Andrew Scheer’s ‘Universal Tax Cut’ reveals that it’s far better for middle class Canadians than Justin Trudeau’s self-proclaimed ‘middle class tax cut.’

The analysis, which you can view below, shows that the Conservative tax cut provides tax relief to everybody in the country, and those tax saving benefits are most highly concentrated in lower income an middle income Canadians.

Meanwhile, the Liberal tax cut is skewed more highly towards upper-middle class Canadians, while doing nothing (literally nothing) for Canadians between the 0-$20K and 20-40K income threshold. Additionally, the Liberal tax cut does almost nothing for families in the 40-60K income rage, and is still very small for Canadian families in the 60-80K range.

However, when it comes to Canadians making between 150-250K, the Liberal tax cut is much bigger, while it is also slightly larger for Canadians making over $250K.

So, the Conservative tax cut is a true middle class and working class tax cut, while the Liberal tax cut was only really a tax cut for the upper middle class.

You can view the analysis chart below:

Tax Cut Chart

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter