Cowardly Trudeau Skips Debates, Hides From Journalists Questions

What is Trudeau so afraid of?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals appear desperate to hide from scrutiny.

Not only is Trudeau skipping debates – having already skipped the first leaders debate of the campaign, he’s been avoiding questions from the media.

And now, some journalists are calling him out for it:

“This is a ridiculous response. Trudeau has a bus full of journalists literally following his campaign. He should take questions every day.”

“First question to @JustinTrudeau today from @CochraneCBC asks if he’ll take questions daily from journalists. Trudeau doesn’t commit, says he looks forward to speaking with the media on a “regular basis.”‘

“Rapid movement? According to @JdeMontreal, Trudeau spent an hour at Saint-Tite taking photos with attendees, and then took no questions from”

“I wish @AGMacDougall and I would have invented this back in 08 and 11.

“Sorry, @CBCTerry and everyone, but we’re in our ‘rapid movement’ phase, no questions today OR tomorrow. See you Monday.”

I’m sure it would have been fine.”

The Liberals are clearly running a strategy of avoiding scrutiny, while repeatedly spreading attacks on the Conservatives.

From a strategic perspective, there is some evidence this strategy is working, as the Liberals have effectively used the media to continually focus attention on Conservative ‘controversies.’

However, it also feeds into Trudeau’s image of being an out-of-touch elitist, and many Canadians will ask why they should vote for Trudeau when he’s avoiding questions and skipping debates. What is he afraid of?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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“You can’t handle the truth!” Said pm socks.


He leaves us with the impression he is insecure and his handlers are absolutely terrified of having him try to provide an understandable response to questions where he/they haven’t had a chance to rehearse. This is the real world of being in front of Canadians rather than protected in the cocoon of Question Period.

Has he ever come up with an intelligent response that doesn’t blame Harper? Oops, sorry. Has he ever come up with an intelligent response? There, fixed it.


The media put him on pedestal made a god bowed to and ignore his corruption and protected him day and night from foreign remarks and blocked serious issues justin has imposed upon our nation, lied and blamed other parties for trudeau’s mess. The list goes on on. Since they supported him doing all these things, what exactly do they want to ask him that they were bribed not to ask or deliver to public.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau, avoiding reporters and their questions, is his way of showing just how much he trusts them ,his belief in free speech and what he thinks about supporting them. After all, Trudeau, needing to be seen as virtuous, and in need of constant praise, will only answer questions from people who think and believe like he does. In Trudeau’s mind, answering questions would be “counterproductive”, like his response to questions about his position on Quebec’s bill 21, on religious symbols in government jobs. The upcoming debates, if Trudeau follows through and actually shows up, will be a real cat and… Read more »

William Jones

“What’s he afraid of?” Well, let’s start with the fact that he is afraid of the truth. He is afraid of reality. He is afraid he cannot (will not) account for the deficit and the reality that the budget will NOT balance itself. He is afraid that with his phony commitment: ‘If any Canadian is injured or killed because of my policies, I will take full responsibility.” (2016) and he is afraid that by now most people have seen through his facade and do not like what they see.

William Jones

“What is he afraid of? He is afraid of the truth, plain and simple. He is afraid that honest working people have twigged to the fact that he is phony. He is afraid of having to respond to legitimate concerns by Canadians about the LNC Lavalin problem. He is afraid that honest and hard-working Canadians are tired of his siphoning off their money and giving it to questionable recipients. And he is afraid that the above, plus innumerable other questions will back him into a corner and that could lead to him having a public outburst — a fear that… Read more »