Liberals Respond To Allegations That Justin Trudeau Took Faith Goldy Out For Drinks

Guilt-by-association tactics by Liberals backfires.

Personally, I think the guilty-by-association tactic is dumb and pointless.

People should be judged by their own actions, not who they may have known or come across at some point in their lives.

However, if the Liberals want to play that game, then it’s only fair for them to be held to the same standard.

The Liberals have been attacking the Conservatives, because a current Conservative candidate happens to have been friends with Faith Goldy.

Yet, the Liberals have now been forced onto the defensive, after Scheer brought up allegations that Justin Trudeau once bought Faith Goldy drinks at the Chateau Laurier.

Here’s what Scheer said at an announcement:

“I look forward to Justin Trudeau‘s response to allegations that he took Faith Goldy out for drinks”

The Liberals have now responded:

While the Liberals response is witty, they are now facing the reality of their guilt-by-association tactics.

Even the fact that taking someone out for drinks is being referred to as “allegations” is absurd, since it’s obviously not a crime.

But if the Liberals want to demonize everyone who ever knew or interacted with Faith Goldy, they will be held to the same standard.

They must answer the same questions they raise about their opponents, and the hypocrisy is out of control.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Total gong show what the educated libs have turned this country into in only a few short years.

Fear the left as I do.


I’m not sure many Canadians even know who Faith Goldy is. I’d never heard of her until a few months ago, and I follow politics closely.

Lance Boyle

Actually, it would be that so-called reporter Katie Simpson that used the term “allegation”. I suppose she is just buttressing the CBC’s desire to cash in on the $650,000 Butts-Fund for friendly press coverage.

Begs the question if the Chateau has any archived bar surveillance tapes that would confirm. I am sure that Mrs. T. would like to know.


Trudeau would have “suggested” to one of his sycophants to have a personal visit to the hotel and have the security camera evidence “accidentally” deleted or damaged. It is the Liberal way.


Better to be criticized for having a drink with someone than being implicated as directly responsible for “Obstruction of Justice” and “Interfering With Due Process.” Both falling under the “Criminal Code.”


Trudeau must resign and be replaced by another Liberal candidate from Papineau. Other Parties have done the “honorable” because “that is what Canadians expect and will always expect”. It is doubtful the Liberals will do the “honorable” thing because “that is what Canadians expect and that is what they will always do”.

Hmm. Seems we have heard that somewhere before.

Oh boy, I wonder what Sofy is going to say when she hears this?


never had a drink with her,, well after 1024 lies we are to believe that Justin Groper.

Shawn Harris

All of this guilt by association by the Liberals is just another Trudeau tactic to deflect attention away from his record and somehow make him look virtuous. That’s not what the voters want to see and hear, they want to hear about policies and decisions that affect their daily lives; like about the economy, taxes and immigration. At the end of the day, it is childish, a distraction,stupid and of no relevance in the eyes of the public. It doesn’t help them make a decision about who to vote for , but it certainly reinforces the voters belief that politicians… Read more »


Even if Trudeau did take Goldy out for drinks, he’ll just go on as though nothing happened because the Liberals think it’s different when they do it.


Trudope should be so lucky to be in the presence of Faith Goldy. Faith Goldy is a very Intelligent, Honest, Respected Journalist. Faith Goldy was experiencing the Corruption and Decline of Toronto and ran for Mayor of Toronto in the last Mayoral Election. Faith was NOT Allowed in any of the Debates against the now Liberal Mayor, John Tory. I guess John Tory knew that had Faith Goldy been allowed to Debate him, she would have decimated him. Faith Goldy would have been such a Great Mayor, had she been given the Opportunity to Debate John Tory. Toronto would have… Read more »

Silva Talmassons

Oh he experienced it differently LOL

Jonathan Bryant

I’m really liking this new ballsy Sheer. I knew all along we would see him get tough the closer we got to E Day. Glad to see I was right. Hope he keeps it up.


I want Scheer to get really tough and even offensive. Accuse Trudeau and Butt and the rest of his liar cartel of all sorts of crap and force them to deny, deny, deny.

Paul Dineno

Let’s drop all of the BS reporting and get down to the platforms. This you throw mud I throw mud is tiresome and pointless.