Poll: Conservatives & Liberals Tied

Nanos tracking puts Conservatives and Liberals both at 34%.

The latest Nanos tracking poll shows the Conservatives and Liberals tied at 34%.

To be precise, the Conservatives have 34.4%, while the Liberals are at 34.0%.

The NDP are at 16.4%, the Greens are at 7.8%, the Bloc is at 4.4%, and the PPC is at 2.3%.

Notably, the Nanos poll shows the NDP far ahead of the Greens, while other polls have shown a closer race, with many surveys putting the Greens in third.

The close numbers between the Liberals and Conservative matches with the trend in most recent polls, which have shown a close race nationwide.

Spencer Fernando

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More bad news for the Conservatives,and this is without Trudeau have no debates lately


Bad news? Trudeau is approval is the lowest of all three and that’s bad. Scheer is the most popular and that’s good. We will stop here for today.


To begin. Out here in edmonton- leduc-nisku, gas is 84-87.9c, not bad eh. In some areas is down to 70s but it fluctuates.
2nd. Polls are weary to the mind, the media is the main culprit that leads people to accept the media decision on who to vote for. The media also concentrates on keys provinces and jurisdictions where people are easily influenced by the media’s hype.
My decision was made since 2015 for 2019 election, when trudeau put terrorists’ rights above our safety.


Same. As soon as Trudeau gave a murderer 10.5 million in secret I joined the conservatives.


Unreal that there are still so many Canadians who want unethical leaders, lied to, and even more huge debt, and are obviously unable to realize this.

alan skelhorne

sorry cannot believe that poll for sure.

pancake rachel corrie

in the soviet union when the government told you that it was going to be sunny and hot in the morning , take your raincoat ….in the situation when the government and the media collude …always believe the opposite or something else …………Never believe the polls