Conservatives To Slash Corporate Welfare, Give Money Back To Canadians

Andrew Scheer says Conservatives will cut corporate welfare by $1.5 billion, and give that money back to Canadians.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says a Conservative government would slash corporate welfare by $1.5 billion.

Scheer says “that money belongs in your pockets, not the pockets of the wealthy and well-connected – so you can get ahead.”

The Liberals have outraged many Canadians with their corporate welfare payments, including giving many millions of our taxpayer dollars to Loblaws to buy fridges, even though the company is owned by billionaires.

The Liberals also subsidized the cost of private jets for the elites, which also outraged Canadians.

So, by focusing on their message of affordability and slashing corporate welfare payments, the Conservatives are getting on the side of Canadian workers and middle class families.

You can watch Scheer’s announcement below:

$1.5 billion more for YOU and your family. That money belongs in your pockets, not the pockets of the wealthy and well-connected — so you can get ahead. WATCH LIVE: –1,5 milliard $ de plus pour vous et votre famille. Cet argent retourne là où est sa place: dans vos poches, et non celles des plus riches et bien connectés. Plus. Pour vous. Dès maintenant. REGARDEZ EN DIRECT:

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Spencer Fernando

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Awesome! I could use $1.5 billion!


the conservatives are full of it … ppc


Why would anyone want to give their vote to Justin by voting for the ppc? Have you looked at the poling numbers? Doing this would keep Justin with a minority government. As far as I am concerned, that would be a massive mistake for the country at this time.

Jeremy K

Liberals have no support, this election is between Scheer and Maxime.

The “vote split” is a fake talking point because PPC’ers and Conservatives are voting for very different things.


This is a good idea. Corporations should not need government hand-outs. If they do, maybe they should be allowed to go out of business and make way for viable companies.


Billions to Bombadier from the Liberals as well as Quebec. They give themselves massive bonuses then turn around and sell off an aviation division and move more to the States and Mexico. We demand that money back. Where is Trudeau on these jobs? Fraud?


Go Andrew Scheer and Conservatives.
I guess by the lieberal paid media, esp. CBC who have and still are demonizing Doug Ford and the other Conservative leaders winning across Canada , and of course Andrew Scheer, but they really want the Premiers to campaign with Andrew Scheer, even though they were criticizing this at first, but it did not happen, I guess they had their bad pre -election posts ready and it did not happen, the lieberal paid media are so programmed by the lieberals, and Andrew Scheer stood firm.

Margaret Smith

Wouldn’t that be great. Stop giving all the favorable treatment and tax breaks and money grants and other incentives to the rich corporations and give it instead back to the hard working Canadians.

Shawn Harris

This decision by the Conservatives is an excellent way to show the public that they are serious about helping Canadians get ahead instead of Trudeau’s well connect elite business friends. Canadians have had enough of Trudeau claiming to be standing up for Canadians jobs and wanting to help the middle class, only to see Trudeau’s wealthy friends end up better off at our expense. It never made any sense, business wise or in the eyes of the public, profitable businesses going hat in hand claiming poverty to the government, while we see only tax increases and reduced opportunities to get… Read more »


It would seem that Mr. Scheer is stealing a policy RIGHT off of Maxime Bernier. Scheer is cutting $1.5 billion dollars worth of corporate welfare. Maxime is cutting ALL corporate welfare. I WONDER whose ‘cut’ will be the larger of the two ?! Nice try there, Mr.Scheer… but I’m STILL voting for Maxime and the PPC since you aren’t really conservative enough for me.ESPECIALLY in your immigration policies/ numbers that MATCH Trudeau’s.. Like MANY Canadians, when asked in polls, I want less immigration, and have it merit based, the way it used to be. Less immigration to give those coming… Read more »


People should be happy if Andrew is adopting some of Max’s policies. Max may have all the best policies in the world but he is not poling high enough to do a anything but keep Justin in the big chair. I for one will not sway from the logical step of having Justin removed from any and all power in this country. The damage he has done may never be repaired. We have all seen the destruction. Max will not be a viable solution at this point. I can not say this enough. Please do not keep Justin in power… Read more »


Scheer’s fiscal policies should appeal to everyone. His tax cuts benefit the middle and lower income people the most, as it should be. That being said, why doesn’t Scheer demand May and Singh explain how we are going to pay for their ridiculous climate policies? Retrofitting every building in Canada and homes that aren’t “green” is going to cost trillions.

old white guy

How much government is Sheer going to cut? that would really save Canadians billions of dollars.


The removal of the CBC could also be a massive boost to Canadians pocketbooks.

Jeremy K

Too bad that isn’t part of the Conservatives’ platform.
It was part of Scheer’s leadership platform but none of those ideas made it.

Jeremy K

“Abolish” is better than “slash”. PPC!