NEW POLL: Conservatives Expand Lead, Liberals Still Close Behind

Nanos tracking shows good trend for Conservatives.

Despite the rampant anti-Conservative bias of the media, the Conservatives are off to a good start after the first week of the election campaign.

That’s according to the Nanos Research daily tracking.

The poll shows the Conservatives at 37.2%, while the Liberals are at 35.5%. The NDP are at 13.6%, and the vaunted ‘Green surge’ appears to be nowhere in sight, with the Greens at 7.0%. Notably, Nanos has generally shown the NDP ahead of the Greens on a relatively consistent basis, while other surveys have shown the reverse.

Rounding out the numbers are the Bloc at 4.0%, and PPC at 1.7%.

By comparison to previous tracking, the Conservatives are up 1.3%, the Liberals are up 0.6%, the NDP are down 1.8%, the Greens are up 0.5%, the Bloc is down 0.7%, and the PPC is down 0.1%.

These are decent numbers for the Conservatives, as it shows some of their message is resonating, even as the establishment media – particularly the CBC – exhibits rampant anti-Conservative bias in an attempt to rig the election in the Liberals favour.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook