NEW POLL: Conservatives Expand Lead, Liberals Still Close Behind

Nanos tracking shows good trend for Conservatives.

Despite the rampant anti-Conservative bias of the media, the Conservatives are off to a good start after the first week of the election campaign.

That’s according to the Nanos Research daily tracking.

The poll shows the Conservatives at 37.2%, while the Liberals are at 35.5%. The NDP are at 13.6%, and the vaunted ‘Green surge’ appears to be nowhere in sight, with the Greens at 7.0%. Notably, Nanos has generally shown the NDP ahead of the Greens on a relatively consistent basis, while other surveys have shown the reverse.

Rounding out the numbers are the Bloc at 4.0%, and PPC at 1.7%.

By comparison to previous tracking, the Conservatives are up 1.3%, the Liberals are up 0.6%, the NDP are down 1.8%, the Greens are up 0.5%, the Bloc is down 0.7%, and the PPC is down 0.1%.

These are decent numbers for the Conservatives, as it shows some of their message is resonating, even as the establishment media – particularly the CBC – exhibits rampant anti-Conservative bias in an attempt to rig the election in the Liberals favour.

Spencer Fernando

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Libs are losing key ON ridings. Thus Bernier was invited to the debate to cause Scheer trouble. Just a lib plant.

Shawn Harris

The voting public may just be coming round to the same belief as in the boy who cried wolf story and are now gradually ignoring whatever Trudeau and his sycophantic media say. And if this new trend holds, then Scheer and the Conservatives could well be on their way to a majority government. These numbers could very well put the lie to what Trudeau and McKenna say, that is to yell and repeatedly scream your beliefs loudly for long as you can and then the public will believe you. For after all, that’s exactly what the CBC , Trudeau, McKenna… Read more »

Mack Thrasher

I have it from a reliable source that the Nanos poll is Liberal, and the polls are generally not right, if i remember correctly Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals appeared to be mush better, bu ended up without party status.


The polls are rigged. Trudeau must go.

Alan Muir

Just remember everyone that the CPC fixed it’s own leadership vote how can you trust that party who we can see does not believe in democracy