VIDEO: Elitist Hypocrite Justin Trudeau Responds To Photo Of Him Wearing Racist Blackface, Admits He Did It Previously, Refuses To Rule Out Even More Incidents

Elitist and hypocritical fool PM says it was “a mistake.”

Justin Trudeau has admitted to wearing blackface a second time, after a photo emerged of him wearing blackface when he was 29 teaching at an elitist private school.

He also refused to rule out whether it happened a third time or more, raising the possibility that it happened over and over and over again.

Trudeau was grilled by reporters, many of whom pointed out that any other candidate would have asked to resign.

You can watch Justin Trudeau’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Direct hit on the cult leader! The building is burning…


One can hope, especially since they are allowing Bernier into the debates only to divide the vote and give Trudeau the edge. Eye on the price. Vote Andrew Scheer.
That is how we get rid of the real hypocrite, Trudeau.

Shawn Harris

If Trudeau thought he had a good chance of being re elected as PM, that just went up in flames with this revelation of him endorsing racists views and beliefs. Any hope by Trudeau of still being trusted or having any sense of credibility or believability has just evaporated. Since both Jody Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott were thrown under the Liberal bus for having the strength to challenge Trudeau’s lies and threats, by speaking the truth to power; then it is time for Trudeau to fall on his own twisted sword of righteousness and resign immediately. Why would anyone… Read more »


I will repeat former lieberal Premier of Ontario: ” Sorry, but not sorry” for leaving the huge debt behind in Ontario, It is all OK if a lieberal does it.

alan skelhorne

he is the king of canuckistan, nothing will be done to him.


We can not vote for him. Share what you know


It is rumored that he had sex with a student at that private school.


I am not aware of that, but I do know that Ontario Proud posted a video that said he left his position at a private school in the middle of the year, saying it was a dress code issue. LOL, dress code issue. or perhaps what your saying?


He offers an apology and promises to move forward, but endlessly craps all over Scheer for comments made years ago. Two-faced hypocritical groper. It seems he has made a habit of racism.


I have never wore brown or black face in my life time of 56 years. (with Halloween being my favourite time of year.)


Hope he is enjoying his diversity is our strength now that it has bit him in the butt.