WATCH: Andrew Scheer Speaks On Trudeau’s Racist Blackface Scandal

Trudeau “is not fit to govern this country” says Conservative Leader.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has spoken following the revelation of Justin Trudeau’s racist blackface scandal.

Scheer said he was “extremely shocked and disappointed when I learned of Justin Trudeau’s actions this evening. It was just as racist in 2001 as it was in 2019.”

Scheer added that Trudeau “is not fit to govern this country.”

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

“What Canadians saw this evening is someone with a complete lack of judgement and integrity and someone who’s not fit to govern this country.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Bravo. Down with the corrupt racist fraud acting as a world leader.


As a colorful pharmacist friend of mine said many years ago after being offended by a man “Sir there are colorful and colorless people in this world and you sir are colorless in more ways than one” I will always remember that, he smiled as he said it, a very good saying I thought at that time.

Ron Shaw

The words “ He’s just not ready for the leadership of Canada and all Canadians “ rings very clearly with Justin’s hypocrisy and his elitist upbringing . These brown face pictures truly prove that Kokanee groper boy does not only believe in disrespecting women , but that he is a racist and should not be in a leadership position in Canada’s multicultural government and citizenship rolls , he is just not ready for a leadership position and should resign for the good of his party and the good of Canada .

D Met

I always knew that if people gave the groper enough rope he would hang himself. So now in addition to all of his VERY disturbing relationships with pedophiles, murderers, terrorists, a history of “boundary issues” with women, and a fake feminist we see him in his TRUE light that he is simply an elitist racist that has absolutely now credibility or ability to lead our beautiful country. How can anyone support this charlatan is beyond understanding.


How can anyone support him? haha … If you are Liberal or a Communist…you will support him because he just like you – evil, racist, corrupt, .. just plain criminal.

Ron Shaw

There is no excuse for Justin’s racism, he should resign, very disrespectful of multiculturalism , but so typical of an elitist silver spoon fed hypocrite , no Justin , Canadians do not forgive your insensitive racist stupidity, you speak of diversity but mock fellow Canadians . Apologies not accepted , you need to resign, immediately ! Racism has not been acceptable for ever in Canada . Voters need to take Justin’s racist behaviour very seriously at the voting polls , he is just not ready!


Well said Andrew Scheer. Nothing more need be said. Trudeau is a FRAUD plain & simple, a DISGRACE to Canada & all Canadians. (Just wondering how all the ‘new immigrants’ flocking into our country are seeing this phoney PM, all smiles when he hands them a ID card allowing them to vote in upcoming election)


Only problem is ….Sheer is no different than Trudeau….Wake up Canadians….If you don’t know what I am talking about…go to Steeper 33 or Billy Joyce on youtube….for a short wake up call…You wan’t freedom, and getting rid of corruption…it’s only the PPC who will offer that….


Voting ppc will keep Justin in government. The ppc is poling too low to ever catch up. It is a wasted vote.

old white guy

Trudeau in “blackface” is the least of Canada’s worries, Trudeau in office should scare the hell out of everybody.


You have that right.


Scheer has hit the nail on the head.

peter black

Has anyone looked into activity JT or Butts have had with George Soros or his organizations. Multiculturalism is their game to destroy the country we love. Soros has a vicious track record of coercion and deceit along with billions of persuasion money to many “foundations” . These two scammers are committing treason every day because they or Soros bought our media lock stock and barrel. The Canada Action Party is onto them but they need our help