WATCH: In Deeply Emotional Remarks, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Responds To Trudeau’s Racist Blackface Scandal

“Tonight is not about the Prime Minister. It’s about every young person mocked for the colour of their skin,” says Jagmeet Singh.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh spoke to Canadians following Justin Trudeau’s remarks on his racist blackface scandal.

Singh spoke in very personal terms, clearly having been deeply impacted by Trudeau’s racism.

Here’s what Singh said on Twitter:

“Tonight is not about the Prime Minister.

It’s about every young person mocked for the colour of their skin.

The child who had their turban ripped off their head.

And those reliving intense feelings of pain & hurt from past experiences of racism.

To you, I say you are loved.”

You can watch Singh’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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There is nothing “hateful” or racist about a “brown” face. Just like someone wearing a white face. Who cares? Canadians have had enough of this BS and the best part of the video is the comments made in the Chat! Singh didn’t get the sympathy or support he was hoping for with this stupid petty nonsense! Canadians don’t want a Turban- wearing PM. That’s not Canada and what Trudeau or anyone else did 18 years ago, no one cares! Trudeau and Singh are both morons! In a free country, there is no such thing as hate speech. If you have… Read more »


The point in great part is to show trudeau for what he is: A duplicitous hypocrite with a double standard. He believes that he is above the law. He can sexually molest a young woman (groping her), and “we” have learned from that? And he can do a black face mockery 4 times and “we” have apparently learned from “his” stupidity and “we” won’t do that again. He can willfully, knowingly “Obstruct Justice” and then fire the person pursuing that justice. If it had been Scheer or any member of any other political party committing any of the above heinous… Read more »


Wake up Canada. PLEASE get trudeau out of there. Such arrogance, conceit and self righteous virtue signalling behaviour has only seen such dire prominence on the likes of Pol Pot, Castro, Putin, Mao and other dictators. This person truly is a megalomaniac. Definition: Megalomania. “A mental disorder characterized by illusions of grandeur.” He is the personification of this definition. May God grant that Canadians see the light on election day. If not, Canada is quite frankly, screwed. Canada is circling the drain as it is.

Garlet Farlett

I also see serious narcissistic behaviour


Actually yes, very much so, and overwhelmingly so.


Trudeau’s “apology” is fake and insincere. No tears.


My thoughts are quite opposed to what Candace has said before me. There IS something hateful about dressing up in a “brown face”. It’s mockery. We are trying to teach our kids these days not to be bullies. Face painting today or 18 years ago is mockery of people of brown cultures. It’s hateful & it hurts. Don’t ever remember seeing a “white face” dress-up. Do remember seeing pictures of white people being tortured, hung or shot for being of a different color, culture & religion from the torturer. We like to think we live in a “free” country with… Read more »


I wonder if Singh will be so forgiving and still throw his support to prop up a Minority Liberal Gov because he sure as hell made it clear he would not support the Conservatives with Scheer not to long ago.

old white guy

Get over yourself Jagmeet. The most racist people in the world are those who hate white people and are trying to replace them in their own countries.

old white guy

By the way, I despise Trudeau and all those on the left.


Here here. Funny how everyone who is racist against whites are accepted and loved by the left.


Jagmeet supports multiculturalism (except in India where he wants a separate state for Sikhs).

John L

I said this 4 years we have a Clown running our country, and now it’s seems to be racial not good for Canada.