A Reminder That Two Canadian Citizens Are Being Arbitrarily Detained By Ruthless Communist China

Amid focus on scandals, we must also remember the bigger picture: Communist China is a grave threat to Canada and the Western world.

There has been a ton of focus on Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal, and rightfully so. Trudeau’s hypocrisy and the double-standard he allows for himself – but not others – is a pathetic disgrace, and Canadians are rightfully outraged.

With that said, it’s essential to remember that an undercurrent in this election is the approach party leaders take towards Communist China.

Trudeau’s already-weak image on the world stage has been transformed into total joke status, and it has long been clear that the Communist State knows they can bully and humiliate Canada while Trudeau is at the helm.

At this very moment, Canadian Citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are being arbitrarily detained by the Chinese Communist regime, being denied their human rights, and held in horrible conditions.

Communist China’s rising military strength, rising aggression, infiltration of institutions, attempt to control our 5G networks, and their antipathy towards individual freedom, religious freedom, and human rights, is why we must not sell out our values or our security for the prospective of ‘more trade’ with the Communist State.

We need to remember our detained fellow Citizens, remember what we stand for as a nation, and demand that our politicians take a stand against Communist China.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube