General Motors Halts All Vehicle Production At Oshawa, Ontario Plant

Impact of strike hits Canada.

General Motors has stopped vehicle production at the Oshawa, Ontario plant.

The move follows a strike by the United Auto Workers in the United States.

Earlier, GM had laid off 1,200 workers in Oshawa. However, the employees will still receive full wages during the strike.

While this is due to events in the United States, Canada’s auto industry has been struggling for some time, with screwed up trade deals signed by politicians leading to auto industry jobs being shipped off to foreign countries.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jerry Dias is trying to fight against the conservatives after he has seen the deal that the liberals did.
Why one union member would vote liberal is astounding to me.


Hey Diaz UNIFOR, say Hi to your Blackface buddy. Just another example of the Freeland / Trudeau NAFTA fiasco. The farmers are pissed as well.

Is there anything the Liberals have done well? Thinking. Thinking.