Woman Walks By Trudeau, Says “Hi Mr. Blackface! Nice To Meet You” Reports David Akin

This follows Trudeau getting heckled and yelled at by angry Canadians following a town hall.

Canadians are reacting to Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal.

According to journalist David Akin, a woman walked by Trudeau and called him “Mr. Blackface!”

“Woman just strolled by Trudeau and cheerfully said :”Hi Mr. Blackface! Nice to meet you!”


And according to Globe & Mail reporter Michelle Zilio, someone in Greektown brought up Trudeau’s blackface:

“Mainstreeting in Greektown: “Oh look who it is, Justin Trudeau,” a passerby says. “Hey, where’s your black face man?”

Clearly, Trudeau’s blackface scandal has spread throughout all of Canada, and Canadians are willing to confront him about it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter