Woman Walks By Trudeau, Says “Hi Mr. Blackface! Nice To Meet You” Reports David Akin

This follows Trudeau getting heckled and yelled at by angry Canadians following a town hall.

Canadians are reacting to Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal.

According to journalist David Akin, a woman walked by Trudeau and called him “Mr. Blackface!”

“Woman just strolled by Trudeau and cheerfully said :”Hi Mr. Blackface! Nice to meet you!”


And according to Globe & Mail reporter Michelle Zilio, someone in Greektown brought up Trudeau’s blackface:

“Mainstreeting in Greektown: “Oh look who it is, Justin Trudeau,” a passerby says. “Hey, where’s your black face man?”

Clearly, Trudeau’s blackface scandal has spread throughout all of Canada, and Canadians are willing to confront him about it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Shiny pony is going to wear the shame of wearing blackface far better than he ever wore blackface. How many times was that again?


BY FAR…the worst PM ever!!!!!


He should be confronted, the last time he did this (that we know of) he was 29. He was not a child, this is not about privilege. (another cheep buzz word) Justin has already shown that he will say anything, and do anything, literally throwing anyone under the bus that gets in his way to getting what he wants. (our money, more power) This and his groping should been brought to light in the first election by reporters. But they has a axe to grind with Harper, they knew he would let them sink if they could not change with… Read more »


Always the Truth from Spencer and the True North and they have taken once before the election to court and lost the CBC is doing it again to the True North. The truth hurts and corruption will stop at nothing to bury it.


What a disgrace this Crime Minister is. The Librano in in-chief needs to resign, but he is way too stupid to do so.


This embarrassment for Canada again, but all his bobble head puppets forgive him, he has changed? really. Just change it to how racist and anti gay all Canadians are, and we all need to work to “improve” Canada, even if he keeps apologizing for Canada, this is just to cover up his his even worse corruption scandals and bad debt and missed promises and now this is Andrew Scheers creation? If it is Good for you Conservatives, after all these lieberal slants and lies, I am sure there is way worse out there in lefty land yet to be discovered!… Read more »


It’s funny that way before this happened I made a comment about his obsession in dressing up….wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up in blackface for a BLM rally…didn’t get much response probably because no one thought he’s could go so low.