Justin Trudeau Should Be Forgiven – If He Immediately Ends All Liberal ‘War Room’ Operations Attacking The Pasts Of Candidates In Other Parties

If Justin Trudeau announces that he’s willing to end the absurd practice of destroying people for their past mistakes, then he should be given the benefit of the doubt. But if he doesn’t, then he must be held to the same rules that he’s imposing on others.

Justin Trudeau is asking for forgiveness.

And there has been a lot of talk about whether he deserves it.

Many people have noted that, while they may be inclined to accept that he’s a different person now, it’s difficult to take his begging for forgiveness, and acknowledgement of his ‘growth’ seriously, since the Liberal campaign has been based on ‘war room’ operations digging into the pasts of Conservatives & NDP candidates in an attempt to destroy them for past mistakes.

Trudeau even said that if everyone who made a mistake in their past was disqualified from politics, there would be a shortage of candidates.

And he’s absolutely right.

Yet, he has based his entire campaign on disqualifying people from politics because of mistakes in their past… until it happened to him.

The issue with Trudeau isn’t that he made mistakes – everyone makes mistakes (though most Canadians don’t wear blackface three or more times). The issue is the hypocrisy.

Trudeau and the Liberals have demonized others as racists, even demanding that candidates be ruined and booted out because of one bad social media post years and years ago.

So, if those are the rules Trudeau imposes on others, it would be foolish to allow him to skate around those very same rules.

However, if Trudeau is willing to extend his request for forgiveness beyond just himself, share it with others, and immediately end all Liberal ‘war room’ operations against candidates in other parties, then Trudeau deserves to be forgiven for his mistakes before he was a politician, and his claim to have grown and evolved should be accepted.

But if Trudeau doesn’t end the Liberal ‘war room’ attacks, if he keeps attacking other candidates, then he would be admitting that his request for forgiveness is singular, only applying to himself.

And that kind of double-standard is something the Canadian People simply can’t accept.

Of course, Trudeau’s mistakes, lies, and contemptuous attitude towards Canadians as a politician are reason enough for him to be defeated. And if he’s unwilling to forgive others for their pasts, then he cannot be forgiven for his. We cannot allow such hypocrisy to be rewarded.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter