Justin Trudeau Should Be Forgiven – If He Immediately Ends All Liberal ‘War Room’ Operations Attacking The Pasts Of Candidates In Other Parties

If Justin Trudeau announces that he’s willing to end the absurd practice of destroying people for their past mistakes, then he should be given the benefit of the doubt. But if he doesn’t, then he must be held to the same rules that he’s imposing on others.

Justin Trudeau is asking for forgiveness.

And there has been a lot of talk about whether he deserves it.

Many people have noted that, while they may be inclined to accept that he’s a different person now, it’s difficult to take his begging for forgiveness, and acknowledgement of his ‘growth’ seriously, since the Liberal campaign has been based on ‘war room’ operations digging into the pasts of Conservatives & NDP candidates in an attempt to destroy them for past mistakes.

Trudeau even said that if everyone who made a mistake in their past was disqualified from politics, there would be a shortage of candidates.

And he’s absolutely right.

Yet, he has based his entire campaign on disqualifying people from politics because of mistakes in their past… until it happened to him.

The issue with Trudeau isn’t that he made mistakes – everyone makes mistakes (though most Canadians don’t wear blackface three or more times). The issue is the hypocrisy.

Trudeau and the Liberals have demonized others as racists, even demanding that candidates be ruined and booted out because of one bad social media post years and years ago.

So, if those are the rules Trudeau imposes on others, it would be foolish to allow him to skate around those very same rules.

However, if Trudeau is willing to extend his request for forgiveness beyond just himself, share it with others, and immediately end all Liberal ‘war room’ operations against candidates in other parties, then Trudeau deserves to be forgiven for his mistakes before he was a politician, and his claim to have grown and evolved should be accepted.

But if Trudeau doesn’t end the Liberal ‘war room’ attacks, if he keeps attacking other candidates, then he would be admitting that his request for forgiveness is singular, only applying to himself.

And that kind of double-standard is something the Canadian People simply can’t accept.

Of course, Trudeau’s mistakes, lies, and contemptuous attitude towards Canadians as a politician are reason enough for him to be defeated. And if he’s unwilling to forgive others for their pasts, then he cannot be forgiven for his. We cannot allow such hypocrisy to be rewarded.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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pancake rachel corrie

He won’t forget it you should be crushed to dust as well as the conservatives both parties who support Agenda 21 should be completely crushed into complete nothingness

Dale Evjen

Psalm 7:15
He made a pit and dug it out,
And has fallen into the ditch which he made.


What’s insulting is when he changes in secs ” I am sorry to we as if we are part of the problem. He is very quick to enact new laws for future govs on the very issue and racist behaviour he personally created, while he, the very core to the problen walks away.
Trudeau hhas a tendency to accuse us of his problems which he solely created with the media’s help.


JT has done more than enough damage since being PM and deserves no forgiveness. He needs to be voted out so that Canada can be the Country it once was and respected world wide. Liberal voters will forgive him and likely vote for him as a Liberal is a Liberal is a Liberal and they don’t know any different.


Why is the media like true north, rebel and Spencer talking about other matters that one can see trudeau lying like blocking the RCMP from investigating lavalin and the witnesses that justin prevented anyone from talking to them. And then he says it is not his doing over and over


Why are there so many examples of Trudeau wearing blackface? Dr Freud? Anybody?


To believe Trudeau now well I am sorry his ship sailed a long time ago. Cry wolf too many too many times. When his actions have never matched his words. This is an actor beware sheep.


I’d rather see the hypocrite press on with the current smear campaign as the rumour mill says there is much more and much worse yet to come for pm blackface.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau wants forgiveness because he says he has learned from his past mistakes and has changed. Yet, what exactly has he learned, he still doesn’t accept responsibility or any prospect of punishment. He still deflects blame and accountability by now saying because he is the product of “white privilege”, when at first he said it was a youthful mistake and didn’t know any better. So which is it, youth or privilege?. Either way it doesn’t matter because he is still avoiding acceptance of blame and refusing to be punished. Everyone must see Trudeau for what he is, an arrogant racist… Read more »


As a person he should be forgiven,but his leaning to left for us a lot Europeans bearing the scars that the communist inflicted on us that can never be healed we can not forgive him.Once a leftist always a leftist.


No,no,no!!!!!! Just boot him out and be done with it!


No,no,no, just boot him out and be done with it.


If he was truely sorry for what he did I could forgive but saying at age of 29 and a teacher at that he still didnt know better was an excuse and does not take responsibility for his actions. Saying it was because of his privilaged upbringing is a crock, the only thing that upbringing did was if he did anything wrong, it would be fixed for him. It might of also been a bit different if he didn’t scream racsist, white supremist, xenophobic etc at anyone he couldnt debate with or answer their question, we’ve never had as much… Read more »


Mmm, no. It is time Canadians are set free from the ternary that is Trudeau and his liberals. This would not change the massive debate we owe supporting the world instead of the Canadians that have paid into the system.
I have seen all I need to see from this gang. I was not fooled the first time.


Don’t forgive and use this to ram home repeatedly how unfit JT is to be PM. Don’t squander this opportunity. Anyway, Libs can’t be trusted.