Liberals Plunge To Four Year Low In New Poll, As Damage From Trudeau’s Blackface Photos Grows

Conservatives expanding their lead.

In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s racist blackface incident, the Liberals have fallen to a four-year low in the latest Nanos Tracking Poll conducted for CTV & the Globe & Mail:

According to the poll, the Conservatives are now at 37%, five points ahead of the Liberals at 32.

As reported by NewsTalk 1010, “A low percentage of support the Liberals haven’t seen in some time, according to pollster Nik Nanos, who joined Dave Trafford on the Weekend morning show.

“It might be four years since the Liberals have been at 32 percent, at least in the Nanos tracking. They’re definitely on a negative trajectory in the last three days.”

Nanos noted that not only were the Liberals losing support, but the Conservatives were up 6 points since August, when they are at 31%.

The survey notes that Trudeau still leads on the measure of ‘preferred PM,’ but his lead on that question has fallen to just 3 points, compared to 10 points previously.

Clearly, Trudeau’s racist blackface debacle is having an impact on voter perception, as his hypocrisy and dishonesty is revealed to be even more intense than many thought possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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pancake rachel corrie

and they wanted the taxpayers ….aka canadians who have a stke in the country to pay for their virtue signalling

Thomas Tass

Polls are notoriously dishonest these days. Do not be taken in by this sudden decrease in the drama teachers popularity especially with the Twitter Instagram voter. His base is absolutely solidly sticking by him – like Trump voters do in the USA. The impostor feminist PM can do no wrong in the eyes of dyed in the wool urban Liberals in particularly in the GTA and Quebec. .

Leo Frey

The saddest thing in this whole story is 32% of people still think this clown should be our PM. It would be interesting to see the demographics if who makes up this 32%.


How can this be? Must be fake peoplekind drinking out of plastic lined expensive water boxes that could still support these lefty fakers of the environment end of world agenda while people are sick and dying with mercury poisoning, while being promised fake help amid their elite laughter? No more boiling your unsafe water, ? if an actual environment caring government gets in maybe? How many lies and broken promises, and sickeningly fake dog and pony shows for the lefty acts, and silliness. Millions of dollars + of “freebies” at your expense, we cannot afford with the debt Canada is… Read more »


This is GREAT news! Vote wisely friends.


Trudeau still leads on “preferred PM “? This is totally nuts. I really worry about the future if the left isn’t crushed on October 21st.

Shawn Harris

It is good to see the public has finally awakened to the reality of who Trudeau really is. Trudeau and his brilliant backroom strategists have once again proven the truth of this old saying, this situation was built for a dummy and you know what, it looks good on Trudeau. You will always reap what you sow; delegitimization and demonization earns you less respect, trust and votes. With Scheer and the Conservatives, they have earned every vote so far, because they listen to them and show no contempt for the public. Also their policies make sense compared to Trudeau’s far… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

I am waiting for the October surprise.


Tooooooo Baaaaaaa D.


I am smiling.


Trudeau meets most of the definitions of a narcissist sociopath. The full definition posted on other sites is too long, so check it out on your own, save it and remember. Trudeau lives somewhere in his own little world and is a skilled social chameleon, changing his costumes to suit the place and time. We little people mean nothing to him, just things to use for his own gratification and then be thrown away. Promise the world by saying what he thinks we want to hear then gives us the finger. If you want to know how great and wonderful… Read more »


I am hoping and praying that the Liberal Party is a Non Party Status come October 21st or better still, be decimated altogether.


Amen to that Sista.

old white guy

That the liberals are polling at 32% is very disturbing. When that many voters think all is well with the state of socialism in Canada then I do not hold out much hope that the country can survive the gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, crowd.

Phil Alexander

I have looked high and low, internet and you tube, but can not find any photos, discussions etc. by the laurentian elites or any other prominent Canadians about being dressed up in blackface twenty years ago. How is this possible? I thought it was all the rage, considering our Almost Perfect leader said that is what made him do it. What other secrets was he too embarrassed to reveal to his party and his voters?