Liberals Plunge To Four Year Low In New Poll, As Damage From Trudeau’s Blackface Photos Grows

Conservatives expanding their lead.

In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s racist blackface incident, the Liberals have fallen to a four-year low in the latest Nanos Tracking Poll conducted for CTV & the Globe & Mail:

According to the poll, the Conservatives are now at 37%, five points ahead of the Liberals at 32.

As reported by NewsTalk 1010, “A low percentage of support the Liberals haven’t seen in some time, according to pollster Nik Nanos, who joined Dave Trafford on the Weekend morning show.

“It might be four years since the Liberals have been at 32 percent, at least in the Nanos tracking. They’re definitely on a negative trajectory in the last three days.”

Nanos noted that not only were the Liberals losing support, but the Conservatives were up 6 points since August, when they are at 31%.

The survey notes that Trudeau still leads on the measure of ‘preferred PM,’ but his lead on that question has fallen to just 3 points, compared to 10 points previously.

Clearly, Trudeau’s racist blackface debacle is having an impact on voter perception, as his hypocrisy and dishonesty is revealed to be even more intense than many thought possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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