DISTURBING: Liberals Block Canadian Journalist From Covering Trudeau Press Conference

Another anti-democratic move by the Trudeau Liberals.

In an outrageous move, the Trudeau Liberals have blocked Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton from covering a Justin Trudeau press conference.

It’s a disgraceful and anti-democratic move by the Liberals, showing their utter contempt for Canadians and for free expression.

Here’s what Lawton said on Twitter:

“It’s official. I’ve been banned from covering Justin Trudeau’s press conference. The reason? I’m not an “accredited” journalist, through the press secretary could not provide a definition of what accreditation means in a country that doesn’t license journalists.”

“To be cleared I RSVPd for this event as soon as it was announced yesterday and no one told me there would be an issue with me attending.”

“Justin Trudeau tried to shake my hand thinking I was an adoring fan, but wouldn’t answer my question: why am I banned from covering his press conference?”

“I showed this piece of identification, issued by the Canadian government to me as a journalist, as proof I’ve been “accredited” in the past. I was told this was only for a specific event and doesn’t prove anything.”

And as if it couldn’t get any worse, the Liberals refused to let Lawton on the media bus, stranding him in Brampton:

“This is the media bus. I’m not being allowed on it, because I’m not Liberal-approved. I’m stranded in Brampton now. Will have to take an Uber to Hamilton, where Trudeau’s next event is.”

As I said on Twitter, this is an outrage. And if the establishment press had any credibility, they would be ripping the Liberals for this. In other words, don’t hold your breath.

“This is outrageous, and if the establishment press had any credibility they would be slamming the Liberals for their anti-democratic blocking of a reporter. Disgraceful.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Stop me if you have heard this. Fear the left.


Wow we would never have heard this in our, lieberals tax paid off, now “establishment” media, I am hoping this hits the international press too, I bet President Trump would be surprised even more by this news, “Canada’s loss of free speech and media, leaves reporter stranded by the Trudeau LIEberals” or “The thought police have started a takeover of Canada”.
Thank you for being the honest reporter you are Spencer.
LIEberals must go, all of them.

alan skelhorne

and the dictator sends his message out loud n clear

Thomas Tass

And that message is promoted by the fawning media and the dictators adoring fans. Fascists from the past are dancing in hell.


I have come to learn that Justin and his team of bullies do not like to have anyone around that disagree with him. If he is kept in power, all Canadians will be sorry. I wish more people paid attention to the last 4 years.

Cheryl Prosyk

Now all we have to do is convince the low IQ liberal voters, and we don’t have many more days to do it!


If they were not comfortable with the lies and hypocrisy, it would be a simple change.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and his brilliant election team managers must be brain dead and think that somehow Justin Trudeau isn’t running to be PM of Canada but instead craves to be president and dictator of Venezuela. The Liberals proudly claim to be “the party of the charter”, the very same charter that just happens to give equal rights to everyone, including the right to free speech and association; except in the twisted world of Trudeau rights and freedoms are reserved only for the elites, Trudeau and those to whom Trudeau approves. And since when did equality and free speech only apply to… Read more »


With 3 blackface stunts and numerous other scandals, Trudeau is the author of all his own bad press, so, try as he may, he can’t really blame “unauthorized” journalists for that. It just seems to come down to the fact that he doesn’t have a good understanding of the meaning of democracy or freedom. He must be taking notes from Fidel Castro or the Communist Chinese. I just can’t believe Canadians have put up with him for so long.


Or Obama’s/ Clinton’s political election team here in Canada to promote Butts and Trudeau and the elites.

old white guy

“LIBERAL APPROVED”, the future of Canadian freedom.


Andrew needs to study up for the loyalty test that is surely coming for all journalists. Wondering what questions may be on the test? President Xi has an app for that.

William Jones

We well know where the ‘establishment press’ stands on things such as this — that is what some 600 million can do for one who hands it out. Canada’s ‘establishment press’ is and has been a disgrace since Trudeau became Prime Minister — and it will not improve until they are losing money faster than Trudeau can give it to them. That cannot happen, of course, but it is s positive thought in a negative situation.