POLL: Conservative Lead Shrinks, Election Nearly Tied

Even with Trudeau’s ongoing blackface scandal, the Conservatives are struggling to capitalize on the struggles of their rivals.

A new Nanos tracking poll shows the Conservatives lead over the Liberals shrinking to a mere 1%, as the Liberals show a slight recovery since their Nanos poll nadir a few days ago.

The Liberals had hit what Nanos called possibly a ‘four year low’ in his poll, dropping to 32%, and trailing the Conservatives by 5 points.

But now, the Conservatives have dropped from their peak of 37%, and are down to 34.3% in the latest Nanos poll. The Liberals are at 33.1%, the NDP are at 12.8%, the Greens are at 10.6%, the Bloc is at 5.8%, and the PPC is at 2.9%.

What this shows is that even when the Liberals lose support, the Conservatives are struggling to capitalize. And take note of that 2.9% PPC number. That could easily be the margin in many close ridings.

There are also interesting numbers in Quebec, as Nanos’ tracking has the Liberals at 37%, and the Bloc now in second at 26%. The Conservatives are in third in Quebec.

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer, Andrew needs to get off the fence, in the last couple of days the Liberals having been offering incentives here and there while Andrew is completely silence , tell him run the campaign right or quit, we don’t need a dead beat .


Andrew was the wrong person. Fully on display now. This is the end for Canada.

Trevor Kesler

Scheer needed to be more aggressive but sadly I think that’s not in his genetics.


There is more scandal to come. Stay tuned…


You know what that poll tells me and a whole lot of other people? It tells me that, if these polls are accurate, which I very much question, it tells me that there are a whole lot of screwed up people in this country.that need professional help. Being from Alberta enough said. Time to go…

Diane DiFlorio

Never trust polls


If any other party leader had dressed up in blackface like Trudeau did at least 3 times that we know of, that would have been the end of him, his election bid, and possibly his party. (And, that’s not to mention all his other scandals). It’s no wonder the Conservatives are struggling. There’s one set of standards for Trudeau, and another set for everyone else.


The PC policies will not change the current global at all cost policies…
Two weak leaders that will keep Canada on the road to ruin.
While President Trump is trying to grow their industry, Canada tries to trade theirs away to relying on other countries for energy and basic products.

George Bacon

shows Liberal-lite is a losing formula. If they win, it will be because the public hates the Libs more. not because of “Conservative” success. The PPC is appealing to those that value conservatism (classical liberalism and reject Statism (Progressive leftist ideology))

Garlet Farlett

PLEEEeeease Canada! Wake up! NOT ANOTHER 4 years of this guy!

Shawn Harris

The Conservatives need to overcome their dread of saying or doing the wrong thing, just to maintain their voting base. Exploiting Trudeau’s failures and lies, has just gotten a whole lot easier since Trudeau has been shown to be a hypocritical racist, having been photoed and videoed using blackface. Trudeau and his Liberals, long ago lost both their moral virtuousness, credibility and claim to governing Canada and this blackface scandal has opened up a clear chance to take Trudeau and the liberals down a few more percentage points in the polls. After all, anything Scheer could say in attacking Trudeau… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Andrew Scheer. A wet blanket. Not a leader. Zzzzzz. Snore.


I remember when Hillary Clinton was going to win an election. Along with Kathleen Wynne, and Racheal Notley. I will vote and see what the outcome is come October 21st.


As I have said in other posts. A vote for Max will be a vote that goes to Justin and that would be a crying shame.

old white guy

Not if we all vote for the PPC.


They will never have close to enough votes. Max is out this time. Please don’t give Justin the vote.