“That Wasn’t Even Close To Answering The Question”: Trudeau Dodges On What His Blackface Dancing ‘Costume’ Was Supposed To Represent

Trudeau responds by saying he’s been ‘open with Canadians,’ as he refuses to answer the question.

Justin Trudeau was twice asked by journalist Lucas Meyer what exactly he was trying to dress up as when he wore blackface at a rafting party, and danced around.

Both times, Trudeau refused to answer the question directly, while simultaneously claiming that he’s being ‘open with Canadians.’

Not so much.

Trudeau’s response was so far removed from the actual question that Meyer even said “With all due respect Mr. Prime Minister, that wasn’t even close to answering the question.”

You can watch the moment below:

“Watch Trudeau is asked by Newstalk 1010’s @meyer_lucas what kind of costume he was wearing in that whitewater rafting party. The video obtained by Global showed Trudeau wearing blackface.”

As many people, including respected strategist and commentator Warren Kinsella noted, Trudeau’s ‘costume’ appears to have been an ape. Perhaps that’s why Trudeau is so desperate to avoid actually answering the questions he’s being asked.

“He was pretending to be an ape. Bananas on the T shirt, stuffed something down the front of his jeans. @meyer_lucas tried twice to ask about that, and @JustinTrudeau wouldn’t answer. Twice.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter