Another Poll Shows Liberal Support Dropping

As more poll results start to arrive, it’s becoming clear that Trudeau’s blackface scandal has had an impact on voter opinion.

Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal has not destroyed his political party, and has not guaranteed a conservative victory.

Yet, that doesn’t mean it isn’t having an impact.

Multiple polls have now shown the Liberals losing some support, generally a drop of between 2-4 points.

That may not be dramatic, but it is a tangible change, and could shift many seat results if replicated on election day.

The latest poll showing a drop in Liberal support is a new Ipsos poll, that was conducted for Global News.

Here are the numbers, with the change from the previous Ipsos poll in brackets:

Conservatives 36% (1 point gain), Liberals 32% (3 point drop), NDP 15% (1 point gain), Greens 11% (2 point gain), Bloc 4% (1 point drop), PPC 2% (no change).

What this shows is that the core Liberal base remains steady, but some wavering voters have moved away from Trudeau’s party.

Now, the question remains as to whether that is a temporary loss for the Liberals, or whether those voters have decided they simply can’t support Trudeau under any circumstances.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube