Huh? Liberal MP Says “There’s No Carbon Tax”

Interesting campaign tactic…

During a recent candidate debate on the Prime Asia program, Liberal MP Ramesh Sangha unveiled a unique tactic for trying to evade voter anger over the unpopular carbon tax:

Deny the tax exists.

Sangha outright claimed “There’s no carbon tax.”

You can watch it below:

“Great news everyone: Liberal MP announces that “there is no carbon tax”! Can someone please tell my home heating bill that?”

After people laughed at him, Sangha doubled down:

“I’m told it’s a tax. Tax. Where is the tax? Who’s paying the tax? Anybody can tell me, who is paying the tax on the carbon?”

Conservative candidate Pawanjit Gosal aptly responded, saying “Every Canadian is paying.”

Sangha’s hilariously bad attempt to pretend the carbon tax doesn’t exist is a sign that the Liberals are having trouble selling it, and are hearing at the doors that people are fed up with paying more and more taxes.

And just think, if the Liberals are willing to try lying about something so obvious, what else are they lying about?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Am I in bizarro world? Do words have no meaning anymore?


That is a good one, the lies they tell when the carbon tax is soon to go up a lot in price, plus the addition of other taxes being added. with any of these lefty parties if they are foolishly re-elected to bankrupt Canada, with our unaffordable interest payments rising fast on our growing debts. Has anyone else noticing that the carbon tax has not been mentioned hardly at all in the lieberal bought out election media, and that when they list off the Conservative platform, they always leave out that the Conservatives will stop and cancel this carbon tax… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Of course there is no carbon tax. It was all just a very bad dream, that Trudeau spent the last election campaign and four years saying he was going to impose a carbon tax on all Canadians; if only that was reality. But then the Liberals rarely ever deal in realities, they like to spin lies as the truth and say that is what Canadians want and expect from them. Like, saying we are all going to get more money back than we would spend in a year by paying the non existent carbon tax. Right that will happen when… Read more »

old white guy

And someone actually thought it was a good idea to have this simpleton run for political.

William Jones

I repeat what I have stated more than once. Lying is the Liberal mantra. Period. To date, the only thing I am aware of that they have not lied about is their individual names.