Trudeau’s Refusal To Attend Foreign Policy Debate Leads To Its Cancellation

Munk debate would have been a chance to discuss Canada’s place in the world, including our ongoing abuse at the hands of Communist China.

The Munk foreign policy debate has been cancelled.

While Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, and Elizabeth May had said they would attend, Justin Trudeau refused, leading to the cancellation of the debate.

In a statement, Munk debates chair Rudyard Griffiths said “Regrettably, the prime minister’s refusal to attend our debate has denied Canadians the only real opportunity they had this election to see his foreign policy record challenged in a substantive and sustained fashion.”

Here’s what Griffiths said on Twitter:

“No one has had a bigger impact on Canada’s foreign policy over the last four years than Prime Minister Trudeau.”

“Regrettably, the Prime Minister’s refusal to attend our debate has denied Canadians the only real opportunity they had this election to see his foreign policy record challenged in a substantive and sustained fashion.”

“The Munk Debates wishes to thank Elizabeth May, Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh for accepting our invitation to debate and their willingness to face challenging questions about their foreign policy platforms.”

“Thank you also to the thousands of citizens nation-wide who joined our campaign calling for a leaders’ debate on foreign policy.”

“Your principled advocacy generated over 25,000 emails and messages on social media to the party parties, countless news stories and raised awareness of the importance of foreign policy as an election issue.”

Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy has been a total failure, and he’s too afraid to confront and defend that record.

Trudeau’s anti-democratic record and contempt for Canadians continues to show itself.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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These no shows by num nuts doesn’t seem to be hurting him

Margaret Smith

I tend to agree Scott. It seems he can do damage of any kind and still be adored by many. What kind of PM refuses to attend a debate that Canadians would be very interested to hear about? Oct 21st will be a day of reckoning one way or the other.

Al Smith

That’s because he knows exactly that he has NO chance of winning .


Wow. It’s going to be tough to blame the Russians for election meddling when the Canadian media seems to have perfected the game.


What a coward!


All the more reasons this real debate should happen, it will let Canadians see and hear the real positions taken, although Andrew Scheer’s polite honest answers amongst the other two parties lying and cutting off answers about him is a rude distraction, and should have been controlled, but it shows how he would be polite and honest with well thought out costed plans, while they are lying and want to tax higher and make businesses flee even more so bankrupt Canada with unfree giveaways. Trudeau “shows” will only do an extra Quebec debate and the two fixed lieberal arranged for… Read more »

David MacKAY

Why cancel the debate? Just have it be a no show by the continually indefensible and Foppish Prime Minister.

Eric Blair

Maybe a lot of Canadians might not have listened to the Foreign Policy Debate, I know I would not have, but the fact that Trudeau didn’t both to attend is more damaging to his bid for re-election.It might not show in the polls right now but along with his other missteps, and I am being kind here, all this will be taken into consideration come election day. Huge mistake here for him. Oh and why isn’t Max invited to this debate??


So Justin is taking his ball and going home. He is not able to speak on foreign policy, so he does not want to play. If this is what a “leader” does then they should lose the position. This is again showing people that he should not be in the position he is in.

Shawn Harris

The problem with Trudeau not attending any debate, let alone the Munk debate, is that Trudeau without a scripted reply to any question would be lost and just stammer his way through to an illogical or nonsensical answer. Which just goes to show, that a pretty face and smile only goes so far, before the public realises that you Trudeau, are a vacuous idiot, with very limited knowledge. It also helps to explain why Trudeau would rather fall on his fake sword of virtuousness in Quebec than before the rest of Canada; where he can lie to the citizens of… Read more »


Not even Butts on an earpiece could get him through that one. Keep running, Justin.

William Jones

“Trudeau’s anti-democratic…….” THAT is his mantra which he gets from Pierre. Both of these individuals have no use whatever for democracy as it tends to impede their personal agendas.


How can the liberals debate foreign policy when they don’t have one.They come out of their safe zones only after they cover themselves in a blanket of virtue and berate the world over morals they themselves to possess.