READ: Transcript Of US President Donald Trump’s Phone Call With Ukrainian President Zelensky

Democrats are moving towards impeachment, while Trump and the Republicans are fundraising off of it.

As the Democrats push for impeachment of Donald Trump, the White House has released the transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Notably, the transcript does not include any quid pro quo, or any threats from Trump to Ukraine as he requests an investigation into whether Joe Biden pushed for a Ukranian prosecutor to be fired.

You can read the transcript in full below:


Trump Phone Call Transcript by Spencer Fernando on Scribd

Below, you can view a report on the release of the transcript:

Trump also commented on the impeachment inquiry, calling it the “Greatest witch hunt in American history.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trump is the best President the U.S.A. has ever had.

Donald O'Kane

The Demacrats (Liberals) in the USA are even worse than our Liberals in Canada but not by much. Mark my words when the Lieberals in Canada lose the election here on October 21st, they will be pulling the same stunts as the Demacrats. All these leftist parties are very poor sports, childish, arrogant and some of the most ignorant people on this planet. They demonize everyone that doesn’t agree with them and call everyone ignorant names that in my opinion describe the leftists to a tee. They lie to us, deflect all their mistakes and blame others. They don’t have… Read more »

old white guy

The left want power and will attempt to get it and keep it no matter who or what they destroy.


It is so bad with all the divisions being made by Democrats(lieberals) who are U.N. puppets and are behind and helping our left lieberals in Canada, it is so bad to try and find any truth with both countries bought out medias. I remember NDP Mulcar kept saying he wanted to impeach our PM Harper and Canada can not impeach a PM in our laws, or Trudeau would have definitely have been impeached but he still should not be above the law. When President Trump is doing such a good job and carrying out his promises of common sense, and… Read more »

David MacKAY

Missing in all the news coverage is that the Old Ukrainian Government was in essence a criminal operation. President Trump was loath to work with them as US Military Aid funds would disappear into the hands of corrupt Ukrainian politicians. This past Summer a new Government was elected and its leader wants to investigate the past corruption that nearly bankrupted the Ukraine. It is evident in the July Phone Call that the new President of the Ukraine is reaching out to President Trump over the ongoing Criminal investigation. Think about it all this impeachment stuff is happening over two months… Read more »