POLL: Liberal Lead In Vote-Rich 905 Region Evaporates

Following Trudeau’s blackface scandal, the Liberal lead in the crucial region has crumbled.

A new Nanos poll reveals that the Liberal lead in Ontario’s vote-rich 905 region has crumbled.

In the first Nanos poll results in the region, the Liberals had 47.3%, compared to the Conservatives at 30.8%.

But now, the numbers have changed significantly.

Following Trudeau’s blackface scandal, the Liberals have dropped to 40%, with the Conservatives just 1 point back at 39%.

The NDP are at 11.3%, the Greens are at 8.1%, and the PPC is at 0.8%.

So, the Liberals nearly squandered their entire 16 point lead in the 905 region, and it seems all of their lost votes went to the Conservatives.

What this shows is that while Trudeau’s blackface scandal may not have destroyed the Liberals’ chances of getting re-elected, it has had an impact, and has caused a deepening of negative sentiment towards Trudeau and the Liberals, giving the Conservatives an opening to pick up seats in a heavily-populated and politically crucial region of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter