WATCH: Liberal MP Says “The Price Of Gasoline Needs To Go Up”

Do you want to pay higher gas prices?

The Liberals real agenda of making life more expensive has once again been revealed.

At a candidate forum, Liberal MP Rob Oliphant was caught on tape saying “the price of gasoline needs to go up.”

He added, “we need to change our attitudes.”

You can watch his comments below:

“Another Trudeau Liberal attacking commuters. Maybe Trudeau elites can afford $2.00/litre but we know middle-class families already feel the cost of living is too high.”

So, the Liberals aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. They want to raise the cost of living, and they want to force you to pay higher gas prices.

The Liberals think you have too much money in your pocket, and that you need to change your attitude.

Do you agree with them?

If not, then we’ve all got to get out to vote and ensure the arrogant elitist Liberals are crushed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With media bias reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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That is the intent of the Trudeau / Horgan Carbon Taxes. Make stuff so damn expensive we stop buying Made in Canada or Product of Canada. We just came back from grocery shopping. 8 of my 10 items were foreign. Only Frenche’s Ketchup and a loaf of bread were local or Canadian. Hell, even the gas in my car comes from Washington. It is delivered to Vancouver Island by a tanker from a Washington refinery that also brings diesel.


This is the Soy Boy and the Lieberals idea of helping out the middle class. It’s more in line with the UN’s 21/30 and it’s globalist ideology to wipe out the middle class and exert it’s power and control with the NWO


Surely to goodness, Canadians are sick and tired and fed up and have suffered enough under the Jack Boots of this elitist, self serving, self righteous fascist regime. Trudeau and his Communist dictatorial good squads have cost well over 50,000 Canadian jobs, in just the energy sector alone. People need to do some research. Of the 3 scientists whom precipitated this hoax, the lead scientist committed suicide and the other two are retired and refuse to be interviewed and/or comment. ALL admitted that their conclusions were based on skewed figures and NASA as well admitted to have “altered” their figures… Read more »


It isn’t just the Liberals. The NDP and Greens are just as radical.


The Liberals,NDP and the Greens are all Socialist Parties. These three Stupid Parties want to turn Canada into a Venezuela North. God forbid any one of these Parties gets a Large Number of Seats on October 21st. A Majority Conservative Party is the ONLY Way to get rid of these Idiotic Socialist Parties!


WTF right before winter arrives, heating homes will be chosen between keeping warm or eating less … It’s the Liberal ways of screwing more Canadians.
Vote PPC

Clive Edwards

Turdo is throwing the election – but why? Perhaps he expects to be rewarded the same way Lieberal Gordon Campbell, ex premier of BC was rewarded for ramming through the “Clean Energy Act”; Campbell even took the oversight away from the BC Utilities Commission in order to do so.

Shawn Harris

For elites such as Trudeau, Morneau and other assorted far left Liberals, it makes sense to them because they know they won’t have to burden the real costs of living in a fantasy liberal economy. Because they already have our money and want what little is left to pay for their warped dream green world. Since anything and everything that is consumed by Canadians, is delivered in some way by transportation, including people, then the raising of the price of fuel to two dollars a litre, would then drive up , by even a higher amount the price of everything.… Read more »