WATCH: Liberal MP Says “The Price Of Gasoline Needs To Go Up”

Do you want to pay higher gas prices?

The Liberals real agenda of making life more expensive has once again been revealed.

At a candidate forum, Liberal MP Rob Oliphant was caught on tape saying “the price of gasoline needs to go up.”

He added, “we need to change our attitudes.”

You can watch his comments below:

“Another Trudeau Liberal attacking commuters. Maybe Trudeau elites can afford $2.00/litre but we know middle-class families already feel the cost of living is too high.”

So, the Liberals aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. They want to raise the cost of living, and they want to force you to pay higher gas prices.

The Liberals think you have too much money in your pocket, and that you need to change your attitude.

Do you agree with them?

If not, then we’ve all got to get out to vote and ensure the arrogant elitist Liberals are crushed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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