REPORT: White House Considering Blocking All US Investment In Communist China

Talks are in a preliminary stage.

CNBC is reporting that the White House is considering a block on all US investments in China:

“The discussion is in its preliminary stages and nothing has been decided, the source said. There’s also no time frame for their implementation, the source added. This discussion includes blocking all U.S. investment in Chinese companies, the source told CNBC.

Restricting investments in Chinese entities would be meant to protect U.S. investors from excessive risk due to lack of regulatory supervision, the source said.”

Earlier reports have also indicated that the White House is considering delisting Chinese companies from stock exchanges in the US, and limiting how much American pension funds can invest in China.

Such a move would accelerate the decoupling of the US and Chinese economies, which is a good thing in the long run as the Western world must stop enriching the Chinese Communist State.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Sounds like a Very Good Move. Donald Trump will Always do Anything that is in the Best Interests for the U.S. and the American People! Donald Trump loves his Country unlike “Traitor Trudeau”.


This is great news, finally China needs to step back and it is hurting too many countries and threatening many more, many more Foreign to China companies all have to be 50% Chinese owned,to operate there, so world companies that go there are selling us all out with no regards to human life.


Too bad Canada didn’t have a government that would do the same. Put it’s Canada and the Globalist government Lib/Cons are in bed with China. Disgusting! Good for President Trump! God bless him and the US!


The person that we have in place now, has already sold us out. I can not imagine what will happen to the country if he gets a second term.


I for one have never understood the whole creating our own demises, by giving China the keys to the candy story.

Rob Gillespie

This is unfortunate. The US is supposed to be a free country. How is this different from how the Chinese act? I personally hope that every stupid businessman in the country invests lots of money in China and has it all stolen by the commies. It would serve them right – although I doubt they would learn anything from it…