VIDEO: Man Arrested After Throwing Eggs At Trudeau

It is expected the man will be charged with armed assault.

During a climate rally, a man attempted to throw eggs and Justin Trudeau.

The man was quickly detained, and is expected to face charges for armed assault.

Trudeau’s protective detail quickly subdued the man.

You can watch the video below:

“JUST IN: The man who allegedly threw eggs at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has been arrested. Charges for armed assault are pending. Here’s that video of the take-down by the protective detail.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Angry people out there these days…


That was an eggcellent move!

Readers hubby

Better egg on the face than black makeup.


I suppose now that Trudeau and Blair are going to demand we register and restrict eggs and only allow 5 eggs in a container.


Arrested and charged with armed assault? The guy threw a few eggs! Looks as if half the crowd are Trudeau’s plain clothes goons.


Only in Canada would eggs be an assault weapon……………….someone is desperate in the Liberal arena.