WATCH: Trudeau Grilled After Trying To Blame Scandals On “We”

“We or you?”

It appears some journalists are starting to get tired of Justin Trudeau attempting to blame all of his scandals on “we,” rather than taking responsibility himself.

Trudeau was recently interviewed by Dawna Friesen of Global News.

Friesen asked Trudeau, “You were found guilty twice of ethics Violations, what have you learned?”

Trudeau responded by saying “we have more to do.”

But Friesen wasn’t having it:

“We, or you? You keep talking we, but these ethics violations were you.”

Friesen summed it up perfectly.

Canadians didn’t wear blackface. Trudeau did.

Canadians didn’t violate ethics laws. Trudeau did.

Trudeau’s repeated effort to spread blame for his own actions is appalling, and shows that he has no leadership qualities whatsoever. It’s good to see him finally get called out for it.

You can watch the moment below:

“You were found guilty twice of ethics Violations, what have you learned?

Trudeau: “We have more to do”

“We or you? YOU Keep talking we, but these ethics Violations are YOU”

He can’t handle a string women grilling him!

He’s gotta go!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

Turdeau the narcissist has NEVER GROWN UP,he will never take responsibility

Don Taylor

Trudeau is like the little boy that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and still wont admit it

Diane DiFlorio

She won’t be getting a Christmas card this year.


Is that behaviour more delusional or more sociopathic?


Queen Elizabeth uses “we”. Trudeau obviously considers himself royalty and the “we” thing directs responsibility, liability and blame away from himself. Symptoms of a narcissist sociopath.


When you look at the groping, the ethics violations, the SNC scandal, the coverups and the blackface costumes, if Trudeau were to really take responsibility for his actions, he’d have resigned over any one of these outrageous missteps. He always says he take responsibility for whatever current scandal he’s embroiled in, but then he does absolutely nothing about it. Talk is cheap.

Donald O'Kane

Well said D.D. except he does do something. He and his Liberal buffoons block all the investigations into the scandals.


Good old Justin keeps repeating the same few lines they’ve given him. What an utter buffoon.

alan skelhorne

so in essence, back when he groped a reporter it was we instead of him. wow this guy has to go.

Shawn Harris

It has been long overdue that someone, would burst the politically correct Trudeau bubble. Obviously Dawna Friesen wasn’t paid enough by Trudeau for she did the right thing and finally said what most citizens say,the problem is Trudeau and he is the only one to blame for all the problems and troubles he has caused. At last Trudeau is being outed as the arrogant lying sociopathic narcissist that he is. And it is perfect to see that at least one journalist can still speak the truth to Trudeau’s face.


Canadians commend Dawna Friesen for not taking any of his arrogant answers. Trudeau thinks that he is Royalty and above the law. He never takes responsibility for any of his lies and scandals. The problem is NEVER “Him”. It is always “Everyone”. No Canadian Ever should ever be Implicated in any of your Lies or Scandals. Own Them, Trudeau!

just wanna know

My heart is breaking, the more I listen to or read about politics and how the NDP in Canada and the Democrats in the US are using children and preying on their emotional immaturity, lack of experience and knowledge and vulnerability and scaring them to death. In the US it was gun control and climate. For God’s sake let them be children first, I have only one question for teachers who are helping to spread and feed this poison, Do you really have the right to spread all this climate change to these young minds? The media should be telling… Read more »