VIDEO: China Opening 1,873 KM Railway In October To Transport 200 Million Tonnes Of Coal

But that carbon tax on Canadians will fix it…

A video recently shared on social media shows once again how foolish it is to be imposing a carbon tax on Canadians.

The video is from the People’s Daily newspaper in Communist China, and shows the Menghua Railway.

The railway will be opened in October of this year, and will be used to carry 200 million tonnes of coal every year.

It’s 1,837 km long.

“Menghua Railway, China’s LONGEST coal transporting railway line, is expected to be put in operation in Oct. The 1,837-km railway will carry 200 million tonnes of coal annually from N China’s Inner Mongolia to E China’s Jiangxi.”

So, while the Liberal government and far-left politicians keep imposing taxes on Canadians and shutting down our key energy industries, China and other nations are ramping up their production and shipping of coal and other resources.

As a result, Canadians are taking increasing economic punishment while emissions around the world continue to rise.

Canadians are being treated like fools by our politicians, and we deserve far better. We need to scrap the carbon tax, expand our production of energy, and increase our prosperity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don’t you know that Canadians will offset what the rest of the world does through the carbon tax and new fees. We’re pretty inventive in creating new fees.

Larry McDonald

I was just wondering why it is so high up.

Shawn Harris

And you want to bet that Trudeau and McKenna will deny the fact that all of the CO2 that will be produced by China burning 200 million tons of coal each year will reach Canada and have a negative impact on what their carbon tax is supposed to do to reduce climate change. And while Trudeau and McKenna are telling Canadians even more lies about the benefits of a carbon tax, the oil, gas and coal industries will be left to wither and die, even though emissions won’t be going down at all. To sum it all up, China just… Read more »


Canada is directed by a dangerous , unserious, crafting, useless vaudevillian


Maybe someday Canadians will wake up from Trudeau’s bad nightmare.


It’s the eastern electorate that needs to ‘wake up’ to the liberal agenda.


the unsual temperature that we have is coming from china coal generator . china accounts at 40% of the world atmospheric temperature cause by their charcoal generator.