Liberal Support Among Young Canadians Plummets

Nanos poll shows Liberals support among young Canadians taking a big hit following Trudeau’s meeting with Greta Thunberg.

A new Nanos poll shows the Liberals losing a tonne of support among young Canadians.

The poll follows both the release of the Liberal platform, and Justin Trudeau’s meeting with Greta Thunberg.

Among Canadians age 18-29, Liberals support dropped from 35% to 24.

That support went to the undecided category, and in small numbers to the Conservatives, Greens, and PPC. Jagmeet Singh’s support among young Canadians stayed basically the same.

CTV News also noted that the gap between Trudeau and Scheer’s “best PM” numbers has shrunk significantly:

“Combining all age groups, the gap between Trudeau’s personal popularity and Scheer’s is now the smallest it has been since the campaign began.

Nanos registered support for Trudeau as preferred prime minister as 28.26 per cent, compared to 27.99 per cent for Scheer. Another 18 per cent of voters are undecided on this score.

The two had been nearly six percentage points apart a few days earlier, on Sept. 25.

“As long as the focus continues to be on the Liberals and specifically on Justin Trudeau, it’s just not going to be good for them,” Nanos said.”

The Trudeau Liberals probably thought that having Trudeau march in the ‘climate strike’ and meet with Greta Thunberg would boost his image, but it appears it has instead only served to remind people of Trudeau’s rampant hypocrisy, and the fact that he will say and do literally anything in order to win.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

When Trudeau grows up then maybe ? just maybe he might have a chance .


I cannot wait for the shiny pony’s concession speech.


Actually I am getting sick of both Trudeau and Scheer. Neither one has any credibility.


Sadly we have no viable option. At least Scheer can speak properly.

Margaret Smith

Maybe people are starting to see the light regarding Trudeau but October will tell won’t it.


Adults set up a 16yr old to do their dirty work and instead of trudeau crucifying those adults for using her he uses her to impliment his carbon tax rather than encouraging her to stay in school and let adults do the heavy lifting.

Shawn Harris

Who knew, that our youth, that they would rather have a PM that actually speaks the truth and offers them real help and support, than have someone such as Trudeau , who only offered them legal dope, failed promises about our environment and a quickly broken promise of electoral reform. That the youth of today really do see things differently than Trudeau; that they want truth, honesty, integrity and a person of moral character. Rather than as Trudeau , who has so clearly shown himself to be nothing more than a lying, promise breaking , deceitful and arrogant PM. Strange… Read more »


Good to hear. Greta is the next in line, of the over influenced child being manipulated by adults.
I find it revolting to use your child this way. I am not sure what is wrong with the parents. They need to let children go back being children, not supposed tools of change. Activists want change, to do what Malala’s (a teacher) father did. Let children be children.