Andrew Scheer To Cut Foreign Aid By $1.5 Billion

Good news for Canadians.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will cut foreign aid by 25%.

That would amount to a $1.5 billion reduction in foreign aid spending, bringing it from $6 billion to $4.5 billion.

Scheer has also said $700 million in foreign aid will be shifted away from wealthier countries, towards children in warzones.

Currently, Canadian foreign aid is going to countries with a high income level, including many countries that are deeply corrupt.

While I would personally prefer to see all foreign aid spending (aside from disaster relief) cut and spent on Canadians instead, this Conservative move is a clear step in the right direction.

Our taxpayer dollars should be spent on Canadians, not foreign countries, and anything that gets us closer to that is worth supporting.

You can watch Andrew Scheer’s announcement below:

“Instead of sending billions of dollars in foreign aid money to wealthier countries and foreign dictators, we’re going to keep that in money Canada and use it to help you get ahead. Sharing my foreign policy platform.”

Spencer Fernando

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Vlad Tepesblog

He won’t do anything different than Trudeau has. He will keep sending money to any foreign dictator that supports him, just like Trudeau and Clinton.


Maxine Bernier has cutting foreign aide on his platform months ago. Why is nobody reporting on that?

Garlet Farlett

Because he doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning and only serves to split the conservative vote allowing the liberals to win.


I have to agree. He is poling back at 2% today. If you look at it logically, a vote for Max is a vote for Justin.

old white guy

If you think the polls are right then you also think the liberals will win.


I know, and Max is cutting it by 100% ALONG with corporate welfare. We get a FAr better deal AND leader with Maxime…
I hate Scheer and I hate Trudeau ; two sides of the same coin, really, and . ALL the communist parties, too : Greens and NDP’ too.
Maxime Bernier is Canada’s only hope now…


How much money is given on top of this to the UN, that really needs to be stopped totaly too.


“a record of failure ” , a pattern of arrogance …PERIOD


Outstanding! Finally an election promise that is so timely that it is beyond question.


hahahahahaha right!


Scheer stealing platform planks from Mr. Bernier and the PPC I see. Max has said he will not only cancel ALL foreign aid, but will also stop corporate welfare. Who do YOU think has a better plan that will save us more money ?

Garlet Farlett

Right, because only one politician would ever think the same way.




At least Scheer has a hope to win. Bernier will never come close to doing anything but giving Justin more power to destroying the country. Not my idea of a sound choice.

Sandra D



I was for the United Conservatives until they had David Menzies, a reporter from the Rebel Media, thrown out of a press conference in Durham, Ontario. Then Menzies was arrested, despite the fact that he didn’t create a scene or was violent. You can see the video on YouTube. Incidentally, an invitation was sent out to ALL media but obviously freedom of the press doesn’t include the Rebel Media, which is about as right-wing as you can get! CBC, which is anti-Conservative, was welcomed. There’s another video taken some months ago of Scheer promising a young woman that all reporters… Read more »


I was a bit taken back by the story, then seen there was another side. It has nothing to do with Andrew Sheer. It was the people were the event was being held found he conduct was out of line for the event. They told the police that Menzies was out of control. Then they did what they did.


Unfortunately, some of that foreign aid – $650 million for three years – is promoting and funding abortion. Scheer has not said the Conservative Party will do any differently if it wins the election next month. In fact, when he was asked in Montreal if he would restore the Harper policy and nix international abortion funding, he answered, “We are not going to reopen this debate at any level.” Very sad for Canada!


Sanity, yes please! Be restored to this country.

Marie Racine

Spencer, very surprised you missed that Max stated months ago he would eliminate Foreign Aid, except for emergencies. And he is redirecting those monies to clear the deficit, he says in 2 years. He had the numbers on his site. The savings alone of the millions of dollars per minute in interest will finally give us the upper hand. Scheer squeezing as much as he can for votes, but Scheer is beholden to the UN, he will never be able to pull out from the Foreign Aid agreement, just throw a few bones out to us. The UN will throw… Read more »


Now we know all the money given to foreign countries is actually buying votes,because Mr Big Man wants to buy a seat on UN council. So it is not what I can do for Canada,but what I can do for myself.

old white guy

Apparently Canada does not give out very much foreign aid, at least according to CTV. Yet we hear on a fairly regular basis of millions being given to countries that are wealthy and really have no need of our money. I think Spencer is correct, we should be giving no foreign except in the form of disaster relief.