Ipsos Poll: Conservatives Lead, Green Support Shrinks

Green Party down 4 points since previous Ipsos poll.

A new Ipsos Poll for Global News shows the Conservatives maintaining a narrow lead, while the Greens are losing support.

Since the last poll, the Conservatives are up 1 point to 37% nationally. The Liberals are up two points to 34%, while the NDP is in third with their support unchanged at 15%.

The Greens have suffered a big drop, with their support falling from 11% to 7%.

The Bloc is at 5%, up 1 from the previous poll, and the PPC remains in last place with 2%.

Conservatives lead among men

While pundits often talk about the gender gap, it’s often about repeating the old lines about the Conservatives struggling among female voters. Of course, the gender gap also goes the other way, and the Liberals are in big trouble among male voters.

The Ipsos poll shows the Conservatives and Liberals tied among women at 34% apiece. Among men, the Conservatives have 40%, with the Liberals far back at 34%.

There is also a big gap in NDP support, with Jagmeet Singh’s party at 19% among women, and just 11% among men.

In the two most closely contest provinces – Ontario and BC – the Conservatives and Liberals are within the poll’s margin of error.

The Liberals narrowly lead in Ontario with 39% to the Conservatives 37%. In BC, the Conservatives have 35%, with the Liberals at 34%.

It should be noted that in both Ontario and BC, there are massive regional differences. The Liberals will win big in Toronto, while rural areas go heavily Conservatives. That makes the suburban ridings the real battleground.

Similarly, the Liberals will do well in Victoria and Vancouver in BC, while the Conservatives dominate the rural areas of the province. Once again, suburban and smaller town/small city ridings will be heavily contested.

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Scherer should be leading by 20 points. Unless things change quickly the best he will do is a minority government which will be short lived. The Greens will probably win 3 or 4 seats on Vancouver island and I’ve long since given up hope May will be defeated in Saanich Gulf Islands.


We somehow have to get the Conservatives a majority, with all the media demonizing Doug Ford here in Ontario, even though he is working hard for us, and is not even running against Trudeau, but Trudeau is really using this, too many people are not thinking for themselves, or remembering how much Trudeau and his bought out media lies.


Elizabeth May is her own worst enemy by wanting massively more immigrants. Shows how badly her supports think of this.


The BIGGEST crime in this election IS the NON covering of the PPC and Maxime Bernier by our (so called) ‘unbiased media’… After the fiasco of the Rebel News journalist David Menzies being removed from an Andrew Scheer event, JUST for wanting to ask a few questions of him.Since when it is okay to only allow ‘some of the media’ in?!!!! There is a flurry of MANY comments online – especially You Tube – of people saying they ARE dropping their support for the Conservatives,because of Scheer’s handling of David, and supporting Maxime and the PPC. The ONLY party that… Read more »


I agree 100 % Why would anyone vote conservative Nothing will change under Scheer Folks Wake up!!!
These polls are FAKE. THE PPC is way higher than that. It will be between PPC and the Cons.


The thing that changes with Scheer in place is, it is not Justin. Open your eyes. The polls are not that wrong.


If you look logically at the situation, you will see that there is no other choice than Scheer to remove Justin from the seat.
you vote for Max with the polls the way they are, it will keep Justin in government. Max has no meat this time around. The next election may be his to fight, this one is to take Justin out before he damages Canada more than he has already. Please don’t give Trudeau your vote.


Joanne , you are absolutely correct, Scheer needs to get his act together, he should be leading by at least 20 points

martin potashner

I don’t like any of them what Scheer did to the rebel news was just as disgusting as Trudeau paying off the media with taxpayers money was dishonest

martin potashner

Doug ford would make the best prime minister

Shawn Harris

With high polling numbers for the Trudeau Liberals, it just confirms the opinion, that voters can be bought off in many ways, not just with appealing promises, but with their own money. There is just no other explanation for the Liberals being in a tight race with the Conservatives. Especially with Trudeau’s now very exposed record in office and all the scandals he has created for himself.
The upcoming debates should split this election wide open in favour of the Conservatives.


The conservatives had a journalist arrested yesterday for trying to report and did not let people who wanted to attend in either. No free speech with this party. Leaves me wonder who to vote for