VIDEO: Asked To Explain Difference Between Rifles He Plans To Ban & Those He Doesn’t, Trudeau Delivers Word Salad Instead

He took over 1 and a half minutes to disguise from the fact that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

During a press conference, Justin Trudeau was asked to explain the difference between the rifles he plans to ban, and the rifles he doesn’t.

As you can see in the word salad answer below, Trudeau clearly has no idea what he’s talking about:

“In this clip from today’s press conference with mayors of the GTA, Trudeau can’t explain why he’s banning certain rifles or even define what they are, or how various rifles differ.

This is a direct result of crafting political policy instead of public safety measures.”

As noted by Tracey Wilson of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, Trudeau wants to confiscate the legal property of Canadians, yet clearly has no idea what that property entails:

“Thanks @brianlilley for showing up the rest of the media with actual questions. Of course  @JustinTrudeau couldn’t answer those either and just repeated the same dramatic talking points.

This guy is amazing … literally confiscating legal property from Canadians. VOTE 🗳 🇨🇦”

This is what happens when Gerald Butts sends Trudeau out to pretend that we are somehow living in the United States, rather than acknowledging that the situation with guns in Canada is totally different.

The Liberals are desperately trying to change the channel and this is simply their latest attempt to manipulate the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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There is no point in analyzing the empty head of the leader of the Liberal party. A vacuous vessel is contains nothing. Hence time to move on…….


I think that it is Very Unfortunate that Quebecers, especially in the Montreal area, aren’t keeping up with all the Stupidity of their Trudeau, especially when he travels outside Quebec. When I hear that Trudeau’s has a lot of Support in the Montreal area, I am embarrassed for all Honest, Hard Working Quebecers in the Montreal area. The rest of Canada has most definitely learned that Trudeau is a Moron, yet Montreal area thinks that he has been saving jobs, especially for SNC. This job saving of Trudeau has even been dismissed by SNC and Millions of Canadians as being… Read more »


Manipulate that is the right word for the lefties, manipulate debates, manipulate the climate change problems, manipulate the media, manipulate our young people and send them out of school to protest for the left, etc. hopefully all the manipulated people kind will realize and think for themselves before this election. Please law abiding people with guns do not give them up, the radical left is what should be banned, and there is no doubt in my mind about that.


The RCMP know absolutely NOTHING about guns. Literally. I have many many friends in the RCMP. The only gun they know about is the pistol they are issued with. They know how to load it and shoot it. THAT IS ALL. And most couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn door. They just don’t practice at all. An AR-15 is nothing more that a nice hunting rifle, like any other. It just a little faster semi-auto response is all. And a “bump stock” simply maximizes that capability. And bump stocks are banned, which is fine. And statistically more people… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

I agree on almost all counts except for the armed forces comment. I served in the CF and their weapons training for the most part is only slightly better than that of the RCMP. That being said, there are specialized units in both the RC’s and the Forces that could be consulted. These are the hard core units that get sent in to the nasty spots and they know their stuff.
One thing is for certain, JT has PO’d about 2 million legal gun owners with his ban, so lets hope they vote the right way on the 21st.

Norbert Kausen

When I was in Afghanistan, I was being issued my Browning Hi-Power along with an officer next to me. Our pistols were disassembled and we had to put them together. I assembled mine but the officer beside me did NOT know how. After a few minutes of fumbling and under the stern glare of a very angry armorer, I suggested that I assemble it for him.. He handed me the pieces and I assembled his pistol for him. Needless to say, I was also disgusted at his lack of performance… and THEY were supposed to “lead” us into combat?? I… Read more »


Hmmm. Depending on experts to make determinations on firearms, but making horrible completely uninformed expensive decisions about a changing climate and how politicians would be able to control and affect world climate.

This gets better every day. When will he concede he is just not ready – for anything.


Every albertan gun owner has to have a valid license for every gun weapon in their possession and for hunting or they are heavily fined.
I don’t think Trudeau knows that. In fact a friend of ours from ontario had no idea of alberta strict restrictions on guns until we showed our license.

Jim Pook

Not quite…
You need one license, (PAL) to legally possess any legal long-gun.
If you want to possess handguns, or restricted rifles, then you need an RPAL.
Each will allow you to own any number of each group of firearms – you don’t need separate licenses for each and every firearm you own. One covers all.

Norbert Kausen

Jen, EVERY Firearms owner in Canada MUST have a valid license and the licenses ARE categorized into what they are allowed to own. PALS are for non-restricted firearms. RPALs are for restricted firearms. listed under the restricted category, including hand guns and semi-automatic rifles with barrel lengths 18 inches and under. The third category is Prohibited for those who had firearms, automatic or converted automatic, or other firearms reclassified from restricted to prohibited under the 1995 liberal legislation, imposed on Canadians. Firearms are prohibited, hence the requirement for a license. Of course, criminals/gangs are not going to go out, get… Read more »


there is a limit in trying to muffle the indecent incompetence of one who got a job without accreditation …get out you stupid blunderer ….


Trudeau doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. He just doesn’t have in depth knowledge to articulate Liberal policies.


He has the depth of a petri dish they say.

Norbert Kausen

… he doesn’t have a brain…


Did the idiot smoke a joint just before this media interview? WOW! What the heck was that?


The difference between an assault rifle and a defense rifle is who is holding the gun and whether I am trying to break into your house or you are trying to break into mine.


Justin is obsessed with Stephen Harper


When does he know what he is talking about?

Ron Shaw

A few years ago I was stopped by four RCMP while we were out hunting during elk season . One helicopter and four cruisers assented apron us . In those days you could keep your clip in the rifle , but not have a bullet chambered . The four RCMP asked to see my semi automatic hunting rifle and I complied they all took turns pulling back back the auto lever and to their amazement a bullet was chambered , well guess what , I was charged , my vehicle taken , my hunting trip ruined , my holidays ruined… Read more »

Glenn Johnson

FYI If you are ever stopped by any law enforcement regardless of which force in Canada and are asked to let them inspect your firearms etc You can and should refuse on the spot until they have CERTIFIED firearms officer present to do such inspections. That also assumes they are in a position to legally even make such a demand AND that such is done in a manner that is legal as well If for example you get pulled over with a handgun in its locked case in the trunk etc etc.. all perfectly legal the officer MUST be a… Read more »

Paul Cook

Mr. Dress Up is a complete moron and flake. No doubt about it. He has no substance to him. All talk no action. What a loser.

Clark McIntyre

He just contradicted himself in his politicians vs experts. “Allowing cities to ban handguns”. Sounds like politicians making firearms classifications to me, vs experts. What make the RCMP experts on firearms? If the politicians looked at evidence relating to gun crime, the over whelming majority is related to illegal activities. Organized crime and drugs. Not licensed firearms owners or legally acquired firearms.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is not only ignorant of what he wants to ban, but has already made the decision to ban the guns ( election promise, to ban guns), before the so called experts can make any decision. All of this while never having actually used a gun or rifle and having the outrageous contempt to compare Canadian gun owners, with licenses to that of the Americans. The banning of guns, is just a replay of what former PM Paul Martin tried to do in the 2005 election, when gun violence was also very high. He tried the same election tactic, saying… Read more »


Once again, Trudeau proves that he’s incapable of providing a direct and honest answer to a perfectly reasonable question. Listening to him is incredibly frustrating because he’s been engaging in this game of lunacy for almost four years and nothing changes. He gets away with his non-answers time after time. It’s beggars belief.

Neo Phyte

What question was Trudeau answering there? Because it certainly wasn’t the reporter’s question.

William Jones

The short and equally understandable response is: “Huh?” This person is a babbling fool.

William Jones

If you were to attempt to get Trudeau to respond to only three words, containing 10 letters in total — “What time is it?” — you would have to wait 20 minutes while he tried to tell you what colour green is.

alan spinney

goodale is being let off the hook too easy and no ones bringing up why the old liberals needed Trudeau to get back into power, 2015.after almost being annihilated in previous election.lets see if the public is paying attention


He has no idea what he’s talking about!