WATCH: Trudeau Flat-Out Ignores Question He Doesn’t Like

Justin Trudeau tries the ‘smile and ignore’ tactic.

The Trudeau Liberals are increasingly getting some tough questions on the campaign trail.

And while Trudeau pretends to be ‘open and transparent,’ the reality is that he thinks he’s above any accountability whatsoever.

That can be seen in the video below, as Trudeau responds to a question he doesn’t like by just flat-out ignoring it:

“Justin Trudeau doesn’t even bother pretending to answer questions from reporters anymore – now he’s flat-out ignoring them.”

Astounding arrogance and smugness from Trudeau, but not a surprise at this point. Arrogance and smugness is what Canadians have come to expect from Justin.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Will it be a crime to ask the dear leader a question for the rest of the campaign?


The only ones who don’t see his arrogance are the liberal sheep !!

chris malmstrom

if you’re a Liberal…yes


Some Canadians really must like being ignored and lied to by trudeau, and the left, they must also like higher taxes and questionable promises, according to these questionable polls I still cannot quite believe.


Wondering about those who don’t pay income taxes…


I don’t believe most of the polls either, they show the Libraonos and Conservatives neck and neck, I happen to believe that they are at least five points behind. Considering that polls are largely fabricated to mold and shape public opinion this is probably the case. They supposedly came up with one that suggested that Canadians have moved on from the blackface scandal, even though everyone is still talking about it. I say supposedly because the article I read in a local paper is suspect, they also claimed that the environment is at the top of the agenda over the… Read more »

Don Taylor

Trudeau is the MOST OBNOXIOUS person ever to be PM of Canada

Cheryl Prosyk

He makes me want to vomit every time he opens his mouth, with those ums and ahs!


Almost, but his father ties/beats him. Fuddleduddle, indeed.


I’m not sure if he ‘ignored’ it or not.He looks more stoned, than anything else.
“Earth to Justin ! Earth to Justin ! Come in Space Cadet # 1 !!!! “


A carbon tax is not fighting climate change

Gerri Page

It’s just more money for the govt. elite.


What was the question?

Readers hubby

Trudeau is incapable of formulating an honest answer. He knows full well that his lies will be splashed across social media and he can’t afford to rack up any more lies. His score card is full. Butts probably told him to muzzle his personal thoughts. because putting his own spin on things NEVER serves him well. He’s been nothing short of a disaster ever since he “won” the last election. Let’s put him out of his misery ( and ours) and vote him out…we’ll be doing Canadians a huge favour. He’s incompetent and an embarrassment and by no means does… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

Shuffling from side to side and the smirk was learned when he was Five Years Old.

steve richards

Ah the Trudope shuffle, it’s a new dance don’t you know………..


Is he wishing Bardash Chaggar was there to do the answering for him? She answered hundreds of questions directed to the PM. Pierre Poilievre missed hundreds of chances of addressing Chaggar as Ms. Prime Minister or the PM clone. The Cons could have also gotten under Trudeau’s thin skin by directing PM questions to Chaggar so Canadians could get a more intelligent response.

old white guy

He does not have the big boy words to answer.