Canada Needs A Stronger Military, Not A UN Seat

Our nation must stop being obsessed with virtue-signalling, and recognize the importance of actual military strength.

Andrew Scheer has made another good move on the campaign trail, saying a temporary UN Security Council seat is not a big priority for the Conservatives:

“It’s more important to me that I help Canadians get ahead than curry favour at the United Nations,” said Scheer.

This is great to hear, and it’s about time that a major party leader stops chasing the needless temporary UN seat as if it actually meant something.

However, placing a low priority on the UN is only a part of what Canada needs to finally have a realistic and effective foreign policy.

We also need a stronger military.

The reality is that we still live in a dangerous world, and we need to be able to defend ourselves. To think otherwise is simply naive.

As I wrote previously, Canada should focus on building up our air force and developing hypersonic missiles:

“If Canada focused on investing in the best pilot training system in the world, buying and developing advanced fighter jets, and building made-in Canada military drones, we could be a world leader when it comes to having an effective air force. Focusing on a strong air force would give us the ability to defend the Canadian landmass and our ocean territory, without needing a huge amount of personnel.

When it comes to hypersonic missiles, they are weapons that go 5 times faster than the speed of sound and are increasingly being researched and developed by countries like China and Russia.

Hypersonic weapons cost far less than building a gigantic navy, while also rendering the navies of potential aggressors (such as China), vulnerable.

If Canada had a wide array of hypersonic weapons, we could deter potential adversaries from – for example – encroaching on our northern territory. Consider the cost-benefit-analysis here: A naval fleet that collectively costs billions of dollars could be wiped out by a few hypersonic missiles that collectively cost hundreds of millions.

Focusing on hypersonic missiles would also include a focus on defending against missile attacks. This is something we should work on closely with our ally the United States. As part of NORAD, Canada should invest in advanced missile defences, and place missile defences on our territory, helping to build a North American missile shield that is second to none. We should also consider including Mexico in that effort, to ensure that we not only have a free trade zone in North America but also an ironclad defence zone.

Focusing on an advanced air force and on hypersonic missiles & missile defences provides Canada with the opportunity to direct our defence funding in the most realistic and impactful direction.”

So, moving away from an obsession with the UN is a good start, but building up our military is the next step we need to take to help secure our nation in a dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando


With media bias reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Spencer that I agree with totally, protection, that would be a wise move in this very upset world.


Politicians and academia have not been listening for decades now. Science and innovations are settled in the west and we are now followers and not leaders. Our leadership would not listen and ignored vast swaths of advancing science to follow the American doctrine. And now they too are far behind in technological advances. While Russia and China listened and incorporated knowing how this planet’s mechanical process works. Taking away fragile human bodies for mechanical advances that are far quicker and crush resistant when not needing humans at the helm. Our education says it was impossible to create Hyper-Sonics as physic… Read more »


You are falling into the “either/ or” trap when you dismiss the need for a capable navy based on cost. If Canada spends 2% of GDP on defence that argument goes away. For example, Canada has one of the longest coastlines in the world, but zero amphibious capability. Did you know 90% of the world’s coastlines are accessible to amphibious craft, e.g. for humanitarian aid as well as war fighting? And no, I am not a former naval officer. With 2% of GDP Canada could have the entire range of land, sea, air and space capabilities a G7 country should… Read more »


Trudeau’s response to America’s demand for our 2% fulfillment was that No, he won’t be spending 2% because we have a few nice clean rifles and the soldier is trained. No need for an updated Air Force because we have lots of grounded unflyable CF-18’s that can be used for spare parts.

Don Piche

It really is too bad that Andy Scheer has proven that he can be just as two-faced as Justin Trudeau… saying one thing while pretending not to continue down the hypocritical path of practicing quite the opposite.


Ofcourse our prime minister is pursuing globalisam and a prestigious sit at the UN security council.While China grabbed all our industries,and we are importing everything even the sewing needle.How can we survive by not promoting inovations and thechnology.How many MP’s are engineers agriculturalist people that produce something that makes life easier.All we have talkers who are nothing but talkers.They talk about something that will put somebody down and make one looking smart.One that works and produces something, is worth ten that are talking.I listened to the CBC this morning and all I have heard bellyaching,things that will not put any… Read more »


will he follow through with it???? doubtful


If you wonder why there is such an obsession with the UN, globalism, environmentalism, ect., read “Green Tyranny”, Robert Darwall. I borrowed it from the library and just started reading. Mr. Darwall did the research and connected the dots.

You’ll understand the people that are behind our prime minister.

p.s. Spencer, thank you for a great site and sharing the news with us. Could you add some “funny, lighter side” things? We need a good laugh.

Nancy Mercier

I couldn’t agree more with Spencer on this! – Nancy Mercier, PPC candidate

Major Tom

“The United Nations Exposed” by William F. Jasper.

Guy-Paul Roy

UN just wants Canadian Monies (Tax Payers $$) and, not anything else.


Western technology went all in on satellite and radar surveillance above ground neglecting the oceans.
In doing so, Russia took advantage of this missed area and now have the technology to fire underwater nuclear weapons that can surface, detonate and generate a manmade tsunami undetectable by current technology. This leaves our ocean shores unprotected…

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau summed up his beliefs about our military and his commitment to it, by saying,”they are asking for more than we can afford at this time”. The Liberals since the time of PM lester Pearson have been doing everything they can to weaken and destroy our military. And it was accelerated under Pierre Trudeau, who almost completely destroyed it. A truly strong and effective military can’t rely upon just one part , as being the strongest or most effective. Because, if that part should be overpowered or defeated by new technology, then the whole military defense fails. That’s why… Read more »

old white guy

You can’t have a strong military when you borrow money to give other countries and fill the immigration quotas with welfare immigrants.

David Henley

Good article but Scheer is making change all the time. Making promises more and more. We can not trust what he now says because he wants to be elected. It is not what he was doing before the election. It was not the direction he had taken the party when he got the contested win of the leadership. He now sees that he is losing ground to the PPC because they believe in Canada. Scheer doesn’t. Will not trust Scheer or what he says. Only interested in the power.

Clive Edwards

Canada indeed had the best fighter jet on the planet in the Avro Arrow. The Americans took it away from us without even the pretense of a fight. It is a sense of sovereignty, not a rent boy military that needs to come first. Canadians get their faces blown off in the Middle East not for any Canadian interest but to satisfy the Yanks and the “Five Eyes and a Crooked Nose” alliance. Until we grow up and seize our own sovereignty there is no point in having a strong military and spending billions on developing new military tools when… Read more »