Senator Patrick Brazeau Wants Boxing Rematch On Halloween Day, Says Trudeau “Can Come As Apollo Creed!”

Brazeau suggests “Halloween Day” rematch.

Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau-Algonquin wants a rematch with Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau won the previous bout with Brazeau, but now, Brazeau wants another chance:

“Ok, let me make this clear: I am officially asking a rematch with @JustinTrudeau. I suggest Halloween Day and you can come as Apollo Creed! This time, I will be Rocky in Rocky II.”

Brazeau want on to add that he’s been through a lot of turbulence in his life, and deserves a rematch:

“I didn’t ask for a rematch because I’m partisan, I’m an Independent Senator of Cda but I feel, after much turbulence in my life, I feel I deserve a rematch. We are nowhere near professional boxers but the best in the business got a rematch!”

Brazeau’s suggestion that Trudeau appear as Apollo Creed is a hilarious allusion to Trudeau’s blackface scandal, and I have to agree that Brazeau deserves a rematch.

It would certainly bring in big time ratings, and any money raised could be donated to a worthy charity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

I agree, it would be an excellent event to watch. After all, Trudeau is doing a great job off shadow boxing himself into defeat in this election. And should Trudeau lose, will he then blame the loss on Harper or his privileged upbringing?.


Don’t forget other scapegoats like Doug Ford or maybe the “racist, bigot, Islamophobes” who ask him when he’s going to pay the provinces for the cost of all the “irregular border crossers” he invited into the country.


Ha ha, Patrick has a good sense of humour. I for one would pay some money to see “Rocky” give Justin a can of whoop %$&.

Clive Edwards

“Patrick Brazeau!” A name doesn’t get more Canadian than that. Is there a Pierre Mackenzie out there?

don morris

Unless he’s taken some boxing lessons and had a few club matches,Brazeau will once again get his ass kicked. He showed in the first bout he has NO idea of the mechanics of boxing. he fought like a North End Winnipeg street fighter from 50 years ago, fierce totally unskilled initial attack,which is easy to beat if you withstand the opening flurry.

Nice dig about Apollo Creed, but Brazeau ain’t Rocky. Too bad he can’t hire Chuck Wepner to give him a few lessons, he’d have a better chance of survival.