Senator Patrick Brazeau Wants Boxing Rematch On Halloween Day, Says Trudeau “Can Come As Apollo Creed!”

Brazeau suggests “Halloween Day” rematch.

Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau-Algonquin wants a rematch with Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau won the previous bout with Brazeau, but now, Brazeau wants another chance:

“Ok, let me make this clear: I am officially asking a rematch with @JustinTrudeau. I suggest Halloween Day and you can come as Apollo Creed! This time, I will be Rocky in Rocky II.”

Brazeau want on to add that he’s been through a lot of turbulence in his life, and deserves a rematch:

“I didn’t ask for a rematch because I’m partisan, I’m an Independent Senator of Cda but I feel, after much turbulence in my life, I feel I deserve a rematch. We are nowhere near professional boxers but the best in the business got a rematch!”

Brazeau’s suggestion that Trudeau appear as Apollo Creed is a hilarious allusion to Trudeau’s blackface scandal, and I have to agree that Brazeau deserves a rematch.

It would certainly bring in big time ratings, and any money raised could be donated to a worthy charity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube